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Some parts of Belgaum Chorla Road in a bad condition

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By uday

Sameer Uchil read Belgaum to Goa via Chorla images of the road and decided to go to Bangalore from Maupsa via Chorla.

Overall a stretch of 18 kms needs to be negotiated carefully. Out of the 18kms, there is a 4 km stretch that is really bad and one needs to have a car with really high ground clearance to clear it.kan4

Overall road is bad in 3 stretches if we can put it that way. Its bad near the Part of the road has been washed off in between Jamboti and Kankumbi.
Already a couple of accidents have taken place in which lives have been lost. Most of the mud on the side of road has been washed away, which makes it very vulnerable state for the vehicles passing as any moment the mud under the road would slide away. People using this road should use great caution.
He has sent us the following images.


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10 thoughts on “Some parts of Belgaum Chorla Road in a bad condition”

  1. A car with high clearance or a bike..:D
    Even the road that is constructed recently is of really bad quality. At places the mud use to raise the level has washed away and the road has started to collapse. This is a huge hazard to people who travel on this road. You never know when the road will collapse under you.

  2. Even allredy two accidents are took place on this road . one of is KSRTC bus has collapsed on road sibde & another one is the Truck Hit The motocyclist who had died on the spot , But govt of Karnataka doesent value the life of the peolpe

  3. What are you talking about?…haha…This is not something new!!!,,,the road has always been like this and will always be like this forever.


  4. Seeing the pictures one gets a feel that we are still living in cave age. You pay Rs 35 per litre as tax when you buy petrol & but the road conditions suggest that better you travel in a bullockcart. Mere desh kha khay hoga.

  5. I had traveled again on this route in september. There was no improvement. For us travelliing from mapusa this is still the better route to reach Belgaum.
    Could any one update me on the current status of this Road as i will be travelling from Blore to mapusa this december.

  6. Every year I drive to Bicholim (North goa) from Bangalore and I take the Bangalore-Belgaum-Amboli-Banda-Bicholim route. The road is pretty good there. But recently my friend from Belgaum mentioned that the road via Chorla is good except for 3 to 4 kms. Looking at these pictures, not sure is this really true?

    I am planning to drive again to North goa this december end. Can somebody please confirm the road condition between Belgaum and Chorla?

    • Travelled sanquelim to belgaum in november. Road is great except 3 – 4 km strech after chorla ghat section. No big poth holes though, I am a new driver still could manage close of 98 kms in close to 2hrs 15 mins including ghat section.

      also road site was under construction for those 3 -4 kms, must have been completed by now.


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