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Grand Procession

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6543The procession of VKS is grand and thousands of people have thronged to see.


14 thoughts on “Grand Procession”

  1. please make some other arrangements those are working….. I am keen interest to watch the procession from beginning to end. but I am missing that because of my duty in office so please do something where I can see the whole procession…….. I am feel very bad to myself that I am missing this grand procession…..

    • Boss think about people who are from belgaum and live faraway from city. You are lucky to witness this grand conference.

  2. Awesome.
    VKS-2011 in Belgaum will be a historical event.
    Belgaum now is at its best.

    Missing Belgaum a lot.

    Thanks AAB team for keeping us updated, request frequent updates for the next 3 days.

    Can someone tell if any channel is beaming the event live?

    Cheers Belgaum.

  3. WoW, its really nice to see this grand gala event going on in Belgaum. I was there just a week ago and was witness to some of the pre-event cleanup of roads, road-side stalls, repainting of government buildings, and this is an icing to the cake. Thanks for bringinign this up. Arif Auti

  4. Marvellous, i would say.. I watched the whole event live on TV in bengaluru.. Really feel bad i missed it.. I should have been in Belgaum to witness this event….
    Hope to see more in the next two days….!

  5. Hi all
    Its great to watch such an grand event in our home town its no less than a dream However I am interested to know what are the promises made made to develope this beautiful city of ours
    Being a border city we are always prey to the conspiracies of politics Hope those bad days are gone
    Jai Ho !!!


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