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MES to Support NOTA

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loksabha14The Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES), a pro-Maharashtra outfit which also has a MLA Sambhaji Patil, have decided and called upon its members to opt for the NOTA -None of the Above option as for the past years all the major political parties have betrayed them.

MES will not support any political party and hence the voters should hear to their conscience and vote and the best option would be NOTA.

With almost 2 lakh Marathi voters both the Congress and the BJP are trying to woo them on their side. After the JDS candidate Bagwan joined Congress about 50,000 votes which the JDS used to get in the past years could now fall into the Congress kitty and if the Marathi voters opt for NOTA, it would only make things worse for Angadi and better fortunes for Hebbalkar.

As political pundits have already termed the battle for Belgaum to be a close photo finish this time as the date for the voting is approaching every candidate is trying to woo the voters.

Shiv Sena candidate Majukar said that the MES should have supported Shiv Sena as it has always supported the Marathi cause.

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