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Who will bell the boozers in the open

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vaccine depot booze
Vaccine depot is a heritage asset for Belgaum and also works as lungs for the city but people still dont understand the importance of this GREEN ZONE in the center of the city. Large scale boozing, smoking and above all throwing all the waste there itslef is causing a nuisance and even after repeated complaints and even stories made by us like Boozers destroying nature Who cares.

Currently due to the strict accordance of the law by the election commission liquor shops have barred drinking in its premises and hence this menace of boozing in the open is on the rise.

Unaware of the technicalities, local citizens are demanding that drinking in the open be banned in the city.

AAB has been repeatedly getting this matter to the forefront, but still no one is interested in taking any action.
Recently the DC was there early morning with his team for the voters awareness and that day right from 5 AM the entire vaccine depot was cleaned, morning walkers said. But this does not happen always.

September 2012 – Vaccine depot to be renamed Boozers depot

July 2012 – Boozers destroying nature Who cares


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