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Narendra Modi speaks at Belgaum

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Narendra Modi Speech transcript –

narendra modi belgaum
Narendra Modi Along with Suresh Angadi and Prabhakar Kore at CpEd Grounds

I wont give a speech today. Let me talk to you…tell me is this a Parliamentary election or not? Should UPA not tell people what they did?

The mood of the people is clear. There is no need for any analysis. The wave is becoming a Tsunami:

want to ask those with infrastructure maps in their minds- farmers & youth want electricity. Mobiles are there but how to charge them?

In an affidavit the Centre admitted that Atal ji built half the roads in India in the last several years: Narendra Modi in Belgaum

Has Karnataka got ports? Does the sea not constitute a part of your “map” asks Narendra Modi

You took 60 years to make infrastructure maps so you will take 600 years to get them on the ground. Can people wait for 600 yrs:

Election is for Parliament but they keep talking about Gujarat. For an MA exam write MA answers not something else

Congress arrogance is sky high that is why they are refusing to answer the people

4 thoughts on “Narendra Modi speaks at Belgaum”

  1. Awesome Speech By our Next PM. Suresh angedi did beneficial work for belgaum or not is different thing, But With the help of Modiji Rally, Suresh angedi Will Campaign boosted doubled.

    • Dedication, Ethical, commitment, Non corrupted, = NARENDRA MODI + B.S.Yedurappa + Sriramaulu.
      Every one knows he is joking. If Modis popularity is so high why does he need the help of BSY and Sriramulu in karnataka ? His aim only to become the PM.


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