A ‘silver lining’ in the Indian Political tantrum ?

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partiesby Suhas Rajput

With all the big bang happening in the present political panorama in India, there indeed is hardly any medium of communication left untouched by the political clout of the country. There have been messages and statements made in form of promises and deliverables made by each and every person associated with the political parties. And above this is the estimates of the stupendous money being pumped into the ongoing political war, to the tune of Rs.30,000 crore plus (and we can take a guess of a more realistic number). Let us also know, that these projections or promises or manifestos are not new to us and we can also see the fulfillments of the same over a period of more than six decades.

As a layman, I expect my vote to have a value (which our democratic system has provided a great platform for) in realistic terms and to have a value which makes a real difference. I would choose to vote or may not, but am I being encouraged internally to go and exercise my democratic right or I am forced to do it as it is just another item in my duty list.

In the present political-cum-social-cum-economic-cum-technological-cum-global scenario, we see changes at a lightning speed and certainly people have made use of these parameters for their development (business groups or self including political classes). But what needs to be seen is, are these public representatives strong or worthy enough to see the future and prepare our system or moreover prepare themselves for the change that is going to happen. Though this is a pertinent question, and practically difficult to answer. But, we can certainly listen to them and foresee what they are capable of doing or NOT doing. And when I see a public representative engaged in a discussion and asking the citizens of the Republic of India, to demonstrate their voting power in his/her favour then I certainly wish to see the discussion/debates on the following lines:

  • How can I make a difference to the decaying ecological system around me

  • How can I solve the issue of un-employability

  • How can I make my youth be a torch bearer in the domain of science and technology

  • How can I make the educational system deliver what is required tomorrow

  • How can I make the health standards being benchmarked with other nations

  • How can I create sufficient employment for the people exposed to less education

  • How can I make my country a safe heaven for its citizens

  • And lastly, what I have done for these till now and what needs to be done in future

Rather than talking about secularism, vote bank politics, accusing and clarifying on hiring tainted ministers, digging negativity about opponents or their policies and above all beating their own bush. We have heard enough of it dear public representatives.

As a layman, I may not understand great economical or social or technological stuff, but every educated man today is asking for these things to happen and happen atleast at the speed at which the wealth of the political class has grown. And I feel, the debates and discussions that happen are one such instance where we can foresee the future and be rest assured of our good times. But alas, this silver lining is rarely visible yesterday, today and looks like the wait is still long to go.

The reason why I end my viewpoint on a not-so optimistic note is because amongst even the well renowned educationist and business stalwarts entering this political arena are hardly talking on the realistic issues and interested in gathering crowds and beating their drums. In other words, they are also being one among the predictable political class and no different.

And the day we see constructive criticism happening on pre poll debates and discussion, with an objective of making our motherland proud and grow across all forefronts – we may see it as a SILVER LINING in the political system. Till than, the words said by the Supreme Court in one of its verdict last year echoes in my mind ‘Only GOD can save us now’

Author: Suhas Rajput (is a Central Training and Placement Officer with Karnatak Law Society, Belgaum)

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