Belgaum airport expansion picks up pace

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Boundary wall near Belgaum airport
Boundary wall near Belgaum airport

The runway expansion of the Belgaum airport has now picked up considerable pace and the work of building boundary wall is complete in many areas. 

The ground leveling work has also commenced for the runway to be expanded by another 900 meters and also the width by 65 meters.

Leveling of ground for runway extension at Belgaum Sambra airport
Leveling of ground for runway extension at Belgaum Sambra airport


Around 370 acres of land has been acquired for the same and the farmers have been asked not to till the land anymore.
SG Constructions is looking after building the boundary wall whereas Apex Company from Gujarat is looking after the leveling of the ground. 

4 thoughts on “Belgaum airport expansion picks up pace”

  1. It’s great news for belgaum people’s . This project complete before 25 years back . We waited so many years .I don’t understand the Karnataka govt all ready announce the Belgaum is second capital of KA . I must say govt should take part of immediate for developing n make a new model of Belgaum like cement roads. Infrastructure . Over bridges . International stadium for sports. Good qualities of high ways . Belgaum having a good source of nature . Having good industries . Then y it’s. so late improving . I just requesting the govt officers and political leaders do something for Belgaum . thank you

  2. Dear Uday ,

    I thank you very much for the vital and pleasant news.I would like to know when the
    works of expansion will be completed & what type of Aircrafts will land.Furthur what
    Routes may start. :-).


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