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MES to field 101 candidates for Belagavi Loksabha

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The Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) which spearheads the movement of pro-Maharashtra leaders for the merger of Belagavi with Maharashtra has decided to field 101 candidates in the forthcoming Loksabha elections to attract the attention of the whole nation to their demand.

The security deposit will be collected as voluntary donations and then the 101 candidates will file their nominations.

The Belgaum parliamentary constituency, where polling had to be postponed by a month in 1996 due to a record number of independent candidates, 452 and a total of 456. Shri Shivanand Hemappa Koujalgi of Janta Dal won the elections then. All the 452 were fielded by the MES then.

mes-101For the 1996 general election, Nalgonda in Andhra Pradesh crossed all earlier records with 480 candidates in the fray. After this incident, the Election commission increased the security deposit and also changed some norms for the nomination.

All the aspirants for the Gram Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat etc have been asked to file their nominations here as to get a view as to how many voters are behind them.

The MES says it is a form of protest to get the attention of the centre on this long pending issue.

An EVM can record a maximum of 3840 votes and can cater to a maximum of 64candidates. There is provision for 16 candidates in a single balloting unit and up to a maximum of 4 units can be connected in parallel. The conventional ballot paper/box method of polling is used if the number of candidates exceeds 64. 

However, in case of M3 EVMs (Post 2013), EVMs can cater to a maximum of 384 candidates including NOTA by connecting 24 Balloting Units.


7 thoughts on “MES to field 101 candidates for Belagavi Loksabha”

  1. Who is interested in such gimmicks?You are wasting national resources and won’t achieve anything.No one is interested in the border dispute any more….

  2. When matter is in courts, this move is foolish and will disturb smooth democratic process. May the leaders of MES reconsider their decision.

  3. All 101 of you can shift to maharashtra go settle there y you all troubling peace in belagavi, sometimes i feel mes acts like pakistanis in bgm..

  4. Not in the best interest of the constituency, just a show of strength. Loss of credibility. Do something for the good of the constituency.

  5. Dear All,
    Only because of these MES & LEADERS are troubling peace in Belagavi. Guys…… border dispute is over Please look at the neighbor cities How they are growing And Still we are doing same business (Chirmuri, Khara, Bhaji, Vadpav…Etc) Because of this Border issue & MES. We lost So many things in the fast and we will loose in the feature also. Please come out from this and Do something for the good of the constituency.

    And you no guys only these leaders are interested in the border dispute because they want to run there business (News Paper,…. Etc) Please understand and Let us join hands together and do something for BELAGAVI & Next generation.

    Jai Hind


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