Opinion Poll 2019 Belagavi – BJP, but with a new face

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We had conducted an online opinion Poll for the Belagavi Loksabha Constituency and here are the results – 

It was a notable factor in the comments as well that readers said they wanted to Vote for the BJP but they wanted a new dynamic face other than the sitting MP. Hence Anti incumbency does exist but it is not for a party but for a candidate.
Even though the names have not yet been officially announced by the parties, sources say that Suresh Angadi will get the ticket this time as well.
Definitely, the BJP looks to have an advantage at this moment, as there is not strong Congress candidate. There were talks that Prakash Hukkeri is interested to contest from Belagavi, and if this happens then BJP will have a good fight. Also, internal politics within the BJP could also impact the votes if Suresh Angadi is given a ticket.
And here are the opinions that were submitted by various readers –

Some important Disclaimers:
Sample size –
Most surveys in India end up interviewing less than 0.05% of voters. Our sample size was 1308 in total which is more than the sample size 865.

Opinions were gathered from 25-02-2019 to 03-03-2019

2019-opinion-result belagaviOnly Registered Voters –

Only those opinions were registered who were voters. There were % of the people who took this opinion poll but did not opine as they were not registered, Voters

One Gmail ID one vote – This has also put a restriction on possible multiple voting to a great extent.

Internet savvy people bias –
As this was a Internet-based poll, only those persons who were Internet savvy have voted hence this is a big limitation.

Margin of Error – As the responses were not gathered in person like other opinion polls, there can be a margin of error.
But one has to understand that we aren’t really predicting seats, we are just trying to get the sense of the voters and their alignment with a political party and what is there in their mind.

Are you a Registered Voter
Yes: 96.3%
No: 3.7%

Male: 94.8%
Female: 5.2%
Transgender: 0

18-22 Years – 6.4%
23-25 Years – 14.4%
26-30 years – 26%
31-40 years – 35.2%
41-50 years – 12.6%
51- 60 years – 3.5%
61- 70 years – 1.7%
Above 70 years – .2%

Are you Satisfied with the performance of the Sitting MP Shri Suresh Angadi?
No – 49.8%
Yes – 33.2%
Maybe- 17%

Major Issues of the Constituency
No major big Industries is a hurdle for development – 59.8%
Lack of Employment – 49.6%
Step motherly treatment – 33.3%
Affordable Health care – 25.7%

Infrastructure improvements like
Railways, Buses etc – 49.4%
Lack of Air Connectivity –
More Trains to Bengaluru and other places with Kittur- Dharwad Line – 40.3%
Lack of Focus on Agri Tech industries –
Lack of New age techno parks that can manufacture electronics components rather than just castings – 42.7%
Reliable bus services so that number of two wheeler can be reduced –
Unsafe & rude rickshaw driver behavior49.7%
Ring Road to reduce HTV traffic in city
Lack of Job opportunities within Belagavi to reduce migration to metros
Unplanned new Layouts –
Failure to convince the central govt about our problems –
Failure to lobby for big projects- 1%
No IT Companies-

Your Favorite Candidate:
Any BJP Candidate – 57.9%
Suresh Angadi –
Any Congress (INC) candidate –
Laxmi Hebbalkar –
Any BJP candidate except Sures
h Angadi – 4.3%
– 0.2%
Abhay Patil –
1 %
Nota – .
Konduskar – 0.1%
Dr. Anjali Nimbalkar –
AAP – 0. 1%
Sanjay Patil – 0.1%
Lakkan Jarkiholi –
Kudachi – 0.1%
Any good candidate irrespective o
f Party – 0.1%
Shashikant Naik – 0.1%

Which Party Would you Vote?

Bharatiya Janata Party – 79.4%
Indian National Congress – 15.6%
JD(S) – 0.5%
Independent – 0.6%
Aam Aadmi Party – 0.5%
Bahujan Samaj Party – 0.1%
Samajwadi Party – 0.1%
None of the Above – 2.4%
BJP only if No Suresh Angadi – 0.8%



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