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Darshan Nikita incident affects shooting of movie Sangolli Rayanna

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The three year ban imposed by the Kannada Film Producers’ Association on actress Nikita Thukral for her alleged role in causing the rupture  between Darshan and his wife Vijayalakshmi. A case has been filed against Darshan the Kannada star by his wife recently.Sangolli Rayanna film 1

Anand Appugol from Belgaum who is dreaming to complete his dream project movie ‘Sangolli Rayanna’ has landed in trouble as the shooting of the same has now been stalled. Only 15 days shooting is remaining of the movie which also includes a duet song of Darshan & Nikita. The budget of the mega film has already crossed Rs.18 crores and the remaining shooting is expected to happen in November after which the movie is set to be released in March 2012. The movie would also be dubbed in other languages later which will include Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bhojpuri.


9 thoughts on “Darshan Nikita incident affects shooting of movie Sangolli Rayanna”

  1. what a gross mistake why only ban the actress even the actor is also responsible he should also be banned.
    and more over it looks like personal family problem why is the film producer association getting involved in this. feel sorry for Anand Appugol he has already invested so much in the film would the association taken same step if the producer was from bangalore/mangalore or mysore

  2. darshan is one of the biggest star in kannada industry. still they have got some incident. that was his family issue. those issue is not happening his career life. anyhow darshan king of kannada industry there is doubt.
    and one more thing sangoli rayan one og big buddget movie on kannada industry. sangalo rayan movie is celebrating 3000day's . .


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