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KRV protests against celebration of Hindi day

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Karnataka Rakshana Vedike(KRV) today took out a protest and burnt an effigy of the central government against the celebration of the Hindi day and Hindi week in the state.

KRV says that because of the Hindi language Kannada language has faced injustice and this wont be tolerated any more. It opposed the use of Hindi in State offices.KRV 3

KRV district in charge Mahadeo Talwar said that Hindi does not have a status of national language and the central govt. is imposing Hindi on all states. In a memorandum submitted they demanded that all offices in the state work in Kannada only.

In the protest the absence of Rajeev Toppannavar was notable and he is being away from the scenes of KRV since he lead a protest under the Tricolor in support of Anna Hazare. Toppannavar has not been officially removed from the KRV yet but sources say it will happen soon.

Article 343. Official language of the Union- (1) The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devnagari script. The form of numerals to be used for the official purposes of the Union shall be the international form of Indian numerals. Read more here

20 thoughts on “KRV protests against celebration of Hindi day”

  1. looks like this is part time work for such fanatics both (KRV and MES) who are not even 100 in strength they are either laid off in udaymbag or did not find any suitable job neither in belgaum or any part of KA or MH, why divide us on basis of language, caste, state district, border etc..It just another paid political drama

  2. As people are relocating all over the country due to jobs, etc., working in Hindi medium in State offices would be beneficial for all of us. As we know, people coming from other states are not expected to know Kannada language but quite possibly know Hindi (as it our national language). Remember, our country has a very rich heritage of so many languages. Be proud of it rather than fighting on such foolish issues. I, also agree to the above comment (by belgaumkar) – how can you fight against your own national language. We should, first, be a HINDUSTANI and then a Kannadiga! Jai Bharat!!

  3. Absolute foolish act by KRV. This Protest and Rajeev Toppannavar incident clearly suggests that KRV is only interested in getting publicity. They don’t care for nation, or the tricolor flag or any social issue. They are busy doing ruckus and hooliganism for dirty politics. SHAME SHAME!!!

  4. The thing hindi is official langauage and not the national langauage of India, if one has to learn to work in all parts of India we can learn. but just to make hindi national langauage the government of India should not forget that India is place made of diferent langauages which are being spoken or used even before hindi was born.
    All langauges should be given due importance for their rich history.

  5. these guys expect the border area people to adopt kannada, without giving a thought how difficult it would be to them, now wen its their turn to learn(adopt) a new language, their inability n frustration is evident by such acts of protests….. feel pity on them, poor guys!

  6. Absoultely hilarious!
    I learnt and speak kannada,
    Hey Hello KRV… We are Indians first, then comes the brotherly fight of language amongst us..
    Hindi is our national language with its face in the world, respect it!
    If you guys can't speak Hindi, then learn it ! As you guys force all to learn Kannada and as MES forces to talk in Marathi.When you huys can't, just leave it, don't make an issue of languages, We had enough of MES earlier on marathi, we Don't want this KRV on Kannada language issue, we are better off as we are multi lingual! Try something like ANNA HAZARE to make an political mark of yourself! If not, don make issues.. ABB, why u post such news 🙁

  7. It is a crime to stop somebody to learn a language, but again it is crime to impose a language on someone. I don’t get the logic of learning Hindi. Languages like Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada have history of more than 2000 yrs. They are richer than Hindi or any other Indian language. Is any research, paper publishing etc happening in Hindi? No. Over 60% Indians speak language other than Hindi, so are we all second degree citizens? Our mother tongue- Kannada/Marathi with English is just enough. There can’t be one national language for India.

  8. Like a visitor to our land from a foreign country had said (I read), that he met an Hindu, He met a kannadiga, he met a Sikh, he met a Gujju, etc. But he failed to meet an Indian.

    These bunch of jokers prove that he was right!! Sad..This needs to be changed.

    • just like pseudo secular, you guys are pseudo-analytical. an indian is the one who is both proud about his country and also about his identity. by forcing hindi on kannadigas, you are only trying to tarnish our identity. dont mix language and indian-ness and try to force people in to wrong thinking. no kannadiga is a fool. if you are real proud of your language and live in a state where its a minority language, then keep your language.culture in your house, and be like the rest in the public domain!!

  9. The issue has been wrongly perceived by many here in this forum.. This is not about hating or questioning about the greatness of any language… India is a federal union where every region has its own relevance and significance.. Hindi is not the only national language of India.. All the languages including Kannada, Marathi & several others which one can see on the rupee currency note are national languages. Hindi is just the official language of the union government. And there is no objection for this at all.Forcing Hindi on non-hindi speaking people is not a fair policy. Every language spoken in India has to be respected and conserved. Languages are the biggest assets of Indian culture and all these languages need to be kept alive… Knowing Hindi or not knowing Hindi doesn't justify or question ones patriotism towards India.. Hindi is just another regional language spoken in parts of North India.. People in Northern parts of India find it easy to learn Hindi as their languages like Urdu, Bhojpuri,Punjabi & even Bengali, Rajasthani, Gujrathi share a common origin with Hindi… May be some day these languages in North India would eventually become extinct because of the onslaught of Hindi.
    Coming to peninsular South India and the north-eastern parts of India, people find it extremely difficult to adapt to Hindi as the south Indian languages have different origin.They also need not necessarily learn Hindi for their day-today affairs. So, enforcing Hindi in the regional administration is a undemocratic act..

    And i would just like to tell the commentators above tat Indianness is not all about knowing a particular language.. Patriotism needs no language…. U can be a dumb and still love and die for India..!

    • very rightly put
      India is rich in its diversity be it languages or tradiation etc all this diversity together makes India and need to be nurished.
      hope all commentors understand why just protest are being done. It is not to divide India it is to protect the diverse culture which makes India

    • Very well commented..But there are certain things that I would like to bring your attention to(Quoting what you said in your post in quotes):
      "Forcing Hindi on non-hindi speaking people is not a fair policy" That can be argued with even regional (state language too) which the said organization so fiercely advocates.
      "And i would just like to tell the commentators above tat Indianness is not all about knowing a particular language.. Patriotism needs no language" Ofcourse patriotism has no language barrier. But its highly objectionable when you protest against the very national level language's celebration in the form of a diwas. That is almost treacherous rather than patriotic..ironical isnt it?
      "U can be a dumb and still love and die for India" aah..that one is my favorite, but you cant be dumb enough to see that you are protesting against a national-level sentiment. Try to be just a bit intelligent. And if you have nothing intelligent to protest about, sit at are doing a favour to the very 'patriotic' sentiment that you claim to be so proud of 😉

      • @ A proud Belgaumite..

        I completely agree with ur views too… I am not supporting this protest or the organization tat held this protest.. These organisations hav their own agendas.. I just wanted to take the discussion in the right direction.
        Ya, every state also should have a fair language policy. But off course we all know organizations like KRV, SHIV SENA have their own interests and policies on language issues… Instead of we making statements here, these oraginsations should make thier views clear… But, sadly they never do tat.
        Its not appropriate to protest against some language celebrations… We saw the same drama some 6 months back when MES was protesting against Vishwa Kannada Sammelana.. and now KRV is doing this against Hindi diwas.. Luckily there is no news of MNS and Raj Thackery 's men beating Hindi speaking people in Maharastra..
        Ya… , but there was no need for the Central Govt to issue circulars to all the states to celebrate 'HINDI WEEK'. It really doesn't make sense in a multilingual country like India. Instead the central govt should hav a week for its employees to learn the local languages, so tat they are able to connect to the local people & serve them more efficiently.
        Ya. u said right, we shouldn't be dumb to all these issues.. We need to have a broad vision to overcome this problems without hurting any particular language in the process, because every language spoken in India is as important as the other one.

    • Well why the national anthem of India is in Sanskritized Bengali. We need a common language to connect each others as Indians & that can be done by Hindi. KRV protesting the Hindi day is nothing but nonsense & they are just looking for issues to prove their presence.

      The bad roads, the zero development of Belgaum are the real issues & these would be better addressed once we are declared as Union Territory. It is always easier to govern smaller states & hence Belgaum should be declared as Union Territory.

  10. Actually hindi is widely spoken in the states of Uttar pradesh,madhya Pradesh,Bihar & some areas of Rajasthan.Other states like Harayana ,Punjab,Himachal ,Gujarat do understand hindi because most of the words are closely associated with Hindi.Marathi also in some words does resmbles hindi. The south Indian languages do not come close to hindi in any way. Now seeing all this the national language should have been Sanskrit which is a mother of all languages or English . Making Hindi as a national language as a naotional language was an absolute wrong decesion taken by our Parlimentarians after Independence. If the national language was Sanskrit or English the Problem would not have risen.Also it is absolutely wrong to impose Hindi on all Indians . The option of English along with Hindi & the local language should exsist.

  11. to all the belgaumities pls dont argue as KRV is only intrested in getting publicity and money,they dont know when to protest ,they are famous for doing wrong thing @ wrong time let them enjoy thier protest as they will get free food and drinks as far we all are concern its always gud to learn new language whether its hindi marathi kannada english or any other language


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