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Hindi Movie Fever entirely shot in Switzerland – Mahesh Balekundri Producer

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The city of Belagavi may not have the glamour like Mumbai but it does have those people who make others glamorous. The Movie FEVER written and directed by Rajeev Jhaveri and produced by Ravi Agrawal, Mahesh Balekundri, Ajay Chabbria and Rajath Manjunath is slated for a August 5 release and this movie has a Belagavi connection and notably it is one of the producers of the movie is from Belagavi namely Mahesh Balekundri.

Mahesh Balekundri is from Belagavi and turned into an independent producer from the Kannada movies ‘Jinkemari & 9 to 12’.
Speaking to AAB Mahesh said that “Fever is the first bollywood movie entirely shot in Switzerland. This movie is a suspense thriller and features Gauhar Khan and Rajeev Khandelwal in the lead rolesalong with Gemma Atkinson, Caterina Murino (Bond girl Casino Royal fame) and Ankita Makwana. “

Mahesh Balekundri (Third from Right) along the cast of Fever
Mahesh Balekundri (Third from Right) along the cast of Fever

He further said, “Fever was on my mind since I produced Jinkemari and now that the Release date is August 5 there are butterfiles in my stomach. There are some hot scenes in the movie and none of the scenes were forced and all were part of the script.”
Mahesh also mentioned that, Fever which is shot at exquisite locations of Switzerland and has many glamorous outfits complementing the location, has in order to let it’s viewers not only watch the movie but also experience the same, has tied-up with an online e-commerce platform to sell the movie’s dress collection.

Fever is about contract killer who loses his memory in an accident. After which he wakes up knowing only his name and the company of a woman who wants to help this person to regain his identity.

The movie will release in Chitra along with Inox and Big Cinemas in Belagavi.


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