No PoP Ganesh Idols Order to be effectively implemented – DC

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Madhyavarthi Sree Ganesh Mahamandal had made a plea to the Deputy Commissioner N Jayram to postpone the implementation of the ban on the use of Ganesh idols made of Plaster of Paris by one year as the time is very short, but DC has categorically denied any relief and said that the notification of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board would be effectively implemented.


Manufacturer and seller of such idols and those who immersed them in waterbodies would have to pay a fine of Rs.10,000 and undergo imprisonment up to five years as per Section 33(A) of the Water Act, 1974. Superintendent of Police B.R. Ravikanthe Gowda instructed the officials to check Ganesh idols being brought from outside the State into the district.

Now this is a set back for the Various Ganesh mandals almost 387 in city who most of them have ordered Ganesh Idols and the process of making the idols begins 6-8 months ago.
Many Mandals are in a dilemma on how to go ahead with this ban and how they can get a new Idol in such a short time of 30 days.

Ganesh Idol makers who have been traditionally doing this business also face a lot of hardships after this ban as many of the Idols are supplied to neighboring states like Goa and Maharashtra.

3 thoughts on “No PoP Ganesh Idols Order to be effectively implemented – DC”

  1. Banning POP is necessary, but at such a short notice puts all the stakeholders in a difficult mess. Can a large number of idols be ready in such a short period of time ? We are country of Jugaad, finally something shall work out. At least that is the hope.

  2. Its a tendency to outsource all solutions to the government, knowing what harm the PoP causes to the lakes and water bodies of belagavi, shouldnt the citizens and the ganesh mandals voluntarily pledge to make Ganesh idols from material that is environment friendly. Before PoP came into the picture, right before the days of India’s Independence Ganesh Chaturthi has been celebrated with the same frevor and devotion with clay idols( I assume). This year despite short notice, give up on PoP and see what best can be done next. Just let you voice be heard loud and clear ” Lets the Lord Ganesh remove all obstacles for this years festivities, we will not use PoP”.

  3. Shri Ganesha is a God but we people make it from God to idol by worshipping an POP idol.
    “Ganpati Pappa mourya pudcha varshi lavkar yaa” praise we say every year but after visarjan ganapati idol arrives from the kapeel thirth & thrown as a garbage on road .
    After seeing this I feel ganpati is back soon after visarjan but in garbage manner .
    So we people only should be smart enough to select which type of idol should be worshipped in our house or sarvajanik mandal .
    Clay is easily dissolve in water but not the POP .

    technology is so advanced but the technology has only done maa bahen of our OLD & Precious traditions .

    If it’s not banned now then next generation will worship fibre or plastic Ganesh idols .



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