Movies as on 26-08-2011

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Inox ChandanZindagi Na Milegi Dobara6.45

Yeh Dooriyan10.30,9.45pm



Not a Love story12.45

Chitkabrey-Shades Of Grey (Hindi)12.15,6

Conan The Barbarian – 2D3.15,9
Big Cinemasconan The Barbarian – 2D10.30,12.45,3.45,6.45,9.30


HunsTo be Closed
ArunClosed for Renovation
RoopaliKrishnan Marriage story(K)12,3,6,9
BalkrishnaGreen Lantern(H)12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15
Swaroopconan The Barbarian (H)12.30,3.30,6.30,9.30
HiraMurder 212,3,6,9
NartakiMorya (marathi)6.15,9.15

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3 thoughts on “Movies as on 26-08-2011”

  1. Finally saw Jogayya!but i’l come that later…first something for the mind…

    Somebody save the kannada film industry!over the last decade they have been churning out films with what confidence…senseless…remakes…even movies without stories!all dat maybe because the kannada movie-goers who once upon a time looked upto greats like shankar nag,rajkumar,vishnu,ambareesh are now forced to pay to get entertained by duds who got into the industry after a couple of tv shows or ‘relatives’ in the industry ….all these look like they are being forced to act,as if doing a favour on us!

    Not to mention the music to these movies…barring the atrting stanzas and music of majority of all the songs heard in the past year….nothing has really caught up….no wonder people relinquish tamil and telugu music n movies more than even hollywood!not that i am a hardcore kannada industry fan(but have bunked school wth my friend to see Saikumar’s ‘law and order’ at santosh talkies):-)…but im not the one who simply keeps degrading our ‘Sandalwood’ without reasons….

    But you know the present state of affairs and I have been just stating the facts,whatever i have felt and experienced as a kannada movie industry fan thats all.

    Now about shivanna’s 100th film…’Jogayya’!

    finally we realise one thing…director prem is a director (Amongst producer/singer/actor n other jobs too as u may know!:-) )by chance…or someone forced him to direct this movie at gunpoint!!he should have been a marketing executive for Muthu’s chicken,but i doubt muthu needs to ‘market’ anyways!

    All the hype and hoopla surrounding the launch of just the shooting raised all expectations with telugu/tamil stars gracing the occasion and praising endlessly …god knows what…but who cared then…huge cutouts…posters with shivanna in beggar get up smeared fully in ash……aaha!finally the release date comes and I find the shows have been booked for the week!damn,who would have thought of a movie when the whole nation is on the streets to support Anna!but remember the hype created since last year right?and after waiting for so many days…to get a ticket without paying in black i finally get in…

    Well,the theatre was full no doubt,rest assured even ‘bhadra’ ran full houses till 4 days after its release:)

    Jogayya seemed to be a re run of Rajini’s ‘Baasha’…and of course movies from hollywood…but not as good maybe the our director couldnt follow american english…well,if u still want a name its ‘carlito’s way’…

    The background music reminds you of ‘jogi’ so do the visuals…and the response to the song supposedly in 3D was ‘gaawti’…

    Every charcter in the movie yells on top his/her voice to talk to a person just next to them!wonder if prem was planning a movie for the people with hearing impairment or Noise induced hearing loss(people who have seen kannada movies in the last two-three months would know,raajdhaani for example!)

    Music by V.Harikrishna was …well again the same comment as for the 3D song…doesn’t feel like the same guy who scored for ‘Jackie’ at all!he is also seemingly lost trying to give a background score!very amateurish for a movie of such hype and considering the money poured in!!!

    Jogi,raj,now jogayya…all flipped….we know prem is better than this,but he has seemed to have been working on the song costumes and props rather than the screenplay and story telling…resulting in a gibberish,shoddy,bland movie which falls flat on its face when it comes to expecting a ‘Good movie’ of such hype and investment!at times you want to yell out in desperation in Taarzan style!

    The only saving grace,or which could have been,pun intended,was shivaraj kumar,but unfortunately,he is underutilised,or rather ‘misused’….being given lines that do no good,not to mention the photography which takes away his screen presence,you’d notice if you have seen ‘Jogi’,which had better music and ran mainly on the mother sentiments,but nothing taken away from shivanna,he still has the sparkle of ‘Om’ in his eyes….and dats what we fans go to see:-)

    All in all,watch it if you have no reason to kill(literally!) time:-)



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