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16 new Traffic Signals to be installed in Belagavi

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The Belagavi smart city have come up with a plan to install 16 new traffic Signals and for the same have floated a tender of Rs.1,99,20,000.

Installation, Commissioning of Traffic Signal and operation & Maintenance for 3 years after 2 years warranty is what the clause is mentioned in the tender document floated by Belagavi Smart city Limited.

In Belagavi hardly the traffic signals work, the ones which are working are College road, Rani Chennamma Circle and Ashoka Circle.
There has been no specific mention of the sections where the same would be installed but one can assume that it would be the major circles in the city.

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Major Circle like Dharmveer Sambhaji circle has no signal nor any police officer on duty and the traffic moves all ram Bharose.

With the installation of Traffic signals the movement of traffic at major junctions would be smooth.
It will be worth seeing if they also include automated adaptive traffic signal system, replacing all fixed-time-cycle signals. Adapative signals capture traffic volumes on each arm of the signal and ration green time accordingly. According to the traffic police, this will help avoid traffic management-induced pile-up on the roads.

7 thoughts on “16 new Traffic Signals to be installed in Belagavi”

  1. Up course we need traffic signals @
    First gate
    Second gate
    Third gate
    Goa ves (basaveshwar circle)
    RPD cross
    N remove one way @ second gate since schools are there, children find very incovinient to reach schools
    N remove in warranted bar cades @ first gate n Goa ves
    Zebra crossings wherever necessary
    Two wheeler parking should not be allowed @ rpd road , congress road, college road .
    Rash riding , driving, wroung overtaking n Parkings must severally delt with.
    Since Belgaum traffic is less than 1% of Bombay traffic unnessary traffic zams are creacted . The above measures will facilitate smooth movements of traffic.

  2. traffic signals increase a good measures, so the number of traffic police will increase.
    but what about parking in city , there is no place for parking , pay parking should start .

  3. First REMOVE the Bus Stops which are near the SIGNALS / Junctions / Circles, and shift it to safer locations.
    Really these stops are creating a mesh-up for the Traffic. U can practically try & check around these areas and will know the reality.

  4. We need a Traffic Signal near Ramdev Hotel as there is usually haphazard blocking of Traffic coming and stopping in the middle of the road where no cars can move. Please inspect and insatll signal at this spot


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