No provision to make Belagavi as second Capital

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When the strident calls for separate statehood for North Karnataka were on the high

chief minister Kumaraswamy, in August, had promised to make Belagavi the second capital. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has said he is infavour of making Belagavi the second State capital after Bengaluru.

But can it officially be declared as one is the Question. There is noprovision in the constitution to make Belagavi as the second capital.

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Legal experts said as there is no provision to make a second capital in the state so bill to that effect has not been passed.

The TOI reports – Law department reportedly said there was no provision in the law to officially grant such status. Therefore the state government has decided not to pass a bill or issue a notification to this effect. It will only make a formal declaration on the floor of the House in the forthcoming winter session.

The promise to shift some offices to the Suvarna Soudha also has not been fulfilled.

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  1. No problem if there is no provision to consider Belgaum as state second capital. At least give provision to develop the city and please stop making all these hollow promises…..


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