18+ vaccination- registered went upto Sulebhavi but they said only for 45+

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Health Minister Dr Sudhakar confirmed on April 30 COVID-19 vaccination for the age group of 18-45 will not begin from May 1 in the state of Karnataka as announced earlier.

He asked those aged between 18 to 45to register on the Co-Win portal and wait for the government to inform them once new stocks arrive. 

Each day all are trying to see if the schedules are open for an appointment but today all of a sudden, 50 slots at PHC Sulebahvi were seen open, and it got booked in 15 mins. A similar glitch was visible for Dodawad PHC as well.

But when the ones registered when they traveled to Sulebhavi about 25 kms from Belagavi they were told they have vaccines but only as of the second dose, and they have no clue about 18+ vaccination.

Veeresh Sangolli tweeted –
Found a slot today on the Cowin app today and booked it ASAP, even though the PHC was a little far from my place it was worth it as I thought I would be getting a vaccine

Took a half-day from work and drove down there ASAP! Btw the 50 slots got filled in like 15 mins After spending almost 45 mins getting there we realized that no one the PHC knew about this and they had been instructed to give preference to second dose and 45+ public:

The issue here could be a technical glitch in the back end which made it possible for them to schedule an appointment but in all it was a waste of time and energy.

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There is no clarity as to when the vaccination drive for 18-44 would begin.

At present, there is very little stock that is coming to Belagavi and most private hospitals have stopped vaccination.

BIMS does get some 200 doses, but there is too much rush and most are now worried as they would skip their mandated 6-8 weeks time frame for their second dose.

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  1. Even 45+ took appointment and went to muttanatti, and they were telling vaccine available only for those who are taking 2nd dose


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