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SOS Belagavi

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Today is the day Belgaumites dreaded for a long and prayed it would never come but it did. The Covid burst has hit the patients so badly, that a common man is left with nothing but folded hands and prayer on his lips. The only silver lining is that the helping hands of thousands of people of Belagavi have come together without a thought for anything else but to save one patient at a time. 

At the Help Desk that we’re operating at Bharatesh, we are inundated with frantic calls inquiring for ambulances, oxygen and ventilator beds. I can only imagine what the situation must be at hospitals actually treating the patients.

Patients’ names with covid scores and other details were being circulated from one support group to the other.

Good samaritans were seen sharing whatever leads they had about oxygen, ambulances, medicines like Fabiflu and ventilator beds availability. People who were out on the roads with patients in ambulances, frantically searching for beds at hospitals with oxygen, were seen in a dazed look. Hundreds of people at oxygen manufacturers and at hospitals. Thousands of calls are being made in search for the same. 

Families are losing multiple members to covid in a span of a few days. Some families are having to choose between which of the three or four members to save. I just witnessed a family who decided to save the young son over his octogenarian mother who is also in hospital. She may not get an oxygen bed soon while the only one that they managed was given to the son. 

We all are aware our doctors must be facing hundreds of such cases every day.  The deceased are not getting the iron rack for cremation and many are having to be cremated, with much delay, on the ground itself because the pyres are burning non-stop.

Belagavi needs prayers today.


People and organizations are coming forward to offer food and medicines, daily essentials, and isolation facilities. Hospitals have expanded their capacity, doctors are working round the clock. The officials and administration must be having a tough time too. 

But remember, no one can create oxygen from thin air when the supplies run out. Only we can save ourselves by staying safe and keeping others safe. 

But even now, we are seeing people cooly flouting covid norms. The market is full of fools without masks. I see weddings happening nearby with no one wearing a mask. The workers who come to put up the pandal and sound system wear none either.

When are we going to wake up?

The administration will not spare any efforts I’m sure, in getting the facilities for the patients. But if people do not behave responsibly, the overstretched healthcare system may exact a heavy toll on the city’s people for this criminal disregard for others’ safety.

Wake up Belagavi. Pull up the irresponsible people.

Stop them on the road, like I’m doing. Ask them to wear a mask.

Wash your hands. Take steam daily. Stay indoors as much as possible.

It is not funny anymore to ride your bike around feeling bold to have missed the watchful eyes of the police. It’s no fun to roam around just because you’re bored at home. Don’t test the times, for when the tide changes, you will be left repenting. 

5 thoughts on “SOS Belagavi”

  1. As said the market area is full of foolish people who can make weekly provisions of the vegetables and their requirements are seen flaunting In the market without any fear for themselves and their family. Police constables are seen only at the corners instead of controlling the crowds. Even timings of dealings are extended which will make no difference. N by blocking the roads the output is nothing, ppl find their own ways to escape. Some action from the police department is very much needed

  2. Wearing mask in contact or else alone not necessary. Roam alone wherever you feel. Like in agricultural fields etc .

  3. Very nice article. Some things we can do:
    Private docs publish their numbers for virtual consultation for home quarantined patients.
    War room if setup should review Twitter – lot of help is being provided.
    Create whatsapp fwds which indicate the dire situation and mask importance – spread awareness.
    Like election rallies use a loudspeaker to drive through every street to drill this awareness into people’s minds. Some docs also are acting carelessly and harassing neighbors by continuing construction and not following social distancing. Book them.
    Setup make shift hospitals and get medical students and private docs to renders services since many are not on covid duty.
    Arrange for zone wise volunteers who can charge as needed but help senior citizens with basics – print out of insurance card, bring bread or milk, etc

  4. This foolish people will understand unless their family faces this problem. The people of New Gandhi Nagar are behaving like there is nothing to be worried. No one is wearing masks.. leave alone social distancing.. idk what kind of mentality they have.. innocent people are facing problems and the system is not ready to take any responsibility.. I hope the situation will get better.


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