2 Hours power cut daily from 16 to 26 Dec in Belagavi

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HESCOM has issued a press release stating that there will be a 2 hours power cut from 16-12-2019 to 26-12-2019 daily for urgent maintenance work. Earlier this was from 14 to 24 December but the same has now been deferred as per the new press note. 

All the 8 feeders through which power is supplied to the city will have a 2-hour power cut daily.

However, the EXACT time is not mentioned.

The release further states that the 2-hour power cut is the minimum and on some days it could be more as well.


The dates now have to be read as 16-12-2019 to 26-12-2019


6 thoughts on “2 Hours power cut daily from 16 to 26 Dec in Belagavi”

  1. And if the bill is paid one day later the hescom comes with cutting pliers
    Wow great ,
    hescom to compensate
    Should take half bill for this cuts

  2. First off thanks for the heads up.
    Now I wanted to mention how this reeks of prejudice yesterday but contained myself. But seeing that the dates have been modified it’s difficult to do so now. Why wasn’t any work done during DIWALI? Now it’s extended to beyond christmas? I sincerely hope there are no power cuts on christmas day. NO CRACKERS WILL BE BURST ON CHRISTMAS. NO TRASH ON THE ROADS. NO LITTERING DONE BY “EDUCATED” PEOPLE ONLY TO HAVE UNEDUCATED/LESS EDUCATED PEOPLE CLEAN UP THEIR MESS. NO CONTRIBUTION TO AIR/NOISE POLLUTION. At least give us a day of peaceful celebration. Or is that asking too much?

    GOD IS ONE!!!
    STAY blessed ?

    Comment saved in case . . .

  3. Right. The day is almost over so thought I’d revisit this article. If anybody from HESCOM reads this. Thank you. Thank you for giving us a day with uninterrupted power to celebrate our festival in peace. I’m nothing if not grateful so once again thank you.

    God bless!
    Stay blessed!!
    And Godspeed!!!


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