21 feet high Ashoka Pillar to adorn at MLIRC

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A 21 feet high Ashoka Pillar made in Jodhpur would adorn the MLIRC Belagavi.

The pillar has already reached Belagavi which took about 6 months to make. There is an 18 feet high similar Ashok Pillar at Sharad Singh Maidan of Jaisalmer. But the one in Belagavi is 21 feet.

The work on the pillar was done at Shikargarh, Jodhpur by Ranjit Singh Rathore whose sculptures adorn many war museums in the country.

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The 21 feet high national emblem Ashoka Pillar has been framed in three parts. This column will be installed without pillars. The bottom part of this column is made separately. Which is five and a half feet. Above that chakra in which Ashoka chakra and cow etc. are engraved. It is made of four and a half feet. The statue of four roaring lions is 11 feet tall all made of Fiber and 20-25 artisans were working on the same.

Guns will be placed around the Ashoka Pillar.

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