300 Crore Technology Center at Peeranwadi awaits Land Acquisition


MSME Department officers visited Belagavi on 02.01.2020 to identify the Land for the technology centre which is going to establish by Central Government at Belagavi.

After convincing the officials President Shri Rohan Juvali, Belagavi Small Scale Industries Association took the delegation to see the land at Peeranwadi gram panchayat were he explained the officers that BDSSIA has identified the barren land (The land which is not used for agriculture) of 100 acres here to develop industrial layout for small and Medium Enterprises and out of this 100 acres President requested the joint director of DIC government of Karnataka to acquire 20 acres of land directly from the landowners and hand it over the land to Central government for the development of Technology Centers.


Speaking to AAB Rohan Juvali said since the project has been sanctioned by MSME department on conditional basis, that state government has to allott the 20 acres land at Piranwadi to Central government at free of cost and the farmers of this land are ready to give land at the rate of 20 lakhs per acre to state government.
But the DIC is not responding favorably and he is misguiding the media that farmers are asking more price for this land so the land acquisition may take six months.
Juvali also fears that if something is not done on an urgent basis this project may also go to Hubballi or some other place.

tech-centreIf this project comes to Belagavi then it will attract large Scale Industries to invest in Belagavi. I think this is high time to come together and fight for this project.

The proposed technology center will have the facilities like skill development Center, residential industrial training school/college for minimum 1000 students, Incubation Center, tool room, advanced manufacturing facilities for subcontracting the jobs of all industrial units and to support the MSME’s in and around Belagavi District which is going to also help the Engineering Students & startup’s. The central government has planned to invest all these facilities with an approximate investment of 200 to 300 crores (Two hundred to Three hundred crores).



  1. All Belagum district government and politicians must made task force of accumulation of resources and made ready to availability in case now and then any kind requirements must be met on time for any sorts investment in Belgaum.

    And request to the authority of Belagum be prepared and always keep striving for any required arrangements to sudden arise of any sort of investment either govt or private companies should be strictly met as the our deserved opportunity should never lost.

  2. It should be expedite to look for land in between Kakati to Honaga or towards sulaga or at marihal Cambridge textile factory or opposite towards Vidhan soudha or any little hilly areas where the lands must be accessible, the land might available plenty, pls just try with certain land authorities


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