35 pilgrims from Belagavi stranded near Anantnag for Amarnath Yatra

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A group of 35 pilgrims from Belagavi who embarked on the Amarnath Yatra find themselves stranded near Anantnag for the past three days on their return journey. Fortunately, all of them are safe and have been provided accommodation at a camp by the Indian Army.

These pilgrims from Belagavi set out on the Amarnath Yatra, but heavy rains in Jammu Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh have caused them to be stuck on their way back. The torrential downpours have wreaked havoc in various parts of North India.

The collapse of a bridge along the Amarnath Yatra route and landslides in multiple locations have resulted in thousands of pilgrims being stranded. Among them, the group from Belagavi has been stuck in Anantnag for three days, a sensitive area affected by these unfortunate circumstances.

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Specifically, there are 25 men and 10 women from Belagavi who are currently stranded in Anantnag due to the bridge collapse and road slides. Thankfully, the Indian Army has provided them with accommodation at the base camp, ensuring their safety. Former MLA Anil Benke has personally reached out to inquire about the well-being of all the pilgrims and has promised to assist them.

Once the Yatra route is repaired and deemed safe, these 35 individuals from Belagavi will resume their return journey and eventually make their way back home.

Among the team from Belagavi who participated in the Amarnath Yatra are Somnath Halgekar, Santosh Divte, Rituraj Bidikar, Parshuram Berde, Nitin Anandache, Vinayak Patil, Nandu Gurav, Adesh Patil, Renuka Bidikar, Shweta Halgekar, Shraddha Badmanji,

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