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5% rebate for payment of Property tax extended upto June 30

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To encourage house-owners to pay their property tax early, the Belagavi city corporation has come out with an ‘early bird’ scheme. Citizens, who pay property tax for 2020-21 without any previous year arrears before April 30 of this year also will be given a rebate of 5 percent.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the 5% rebate has been extended up to 30 June 2021, so all those who pay up by June 30 would be eligible for the 5% rebate. This order has been issued on May 5, 2021.

Payment can be done on Paytm or 


How to pay Property tax online in Belagavi

Go to (Payment only by Credit/Debit/Internet Banking)

Click on Online Services

Enter the PID and click the search button to get Form 1 and then make payment online.

If you don’t know your PID then use search by criteria i.e. your Ward No, Old Assessment No, New Assessment No, Owner name OR Mobile No. then Click Search button you will get the property details

Click on the View link to see your complete property tax details

Please Download the Challan before Proceeding for Payment, as once payment is made Challan is not possible to be viewed again.

Click on Get Form-2 OR View Tax & Pay in next page to proceed with online payment

Please download OR print acknowledgment on successful property tax online payment

Paytm also you need the PID number.

5 thoughts on “5% rebate for payment of Property tax extended upto June 30”

  1. I fail to understand the belated declaration. If the declaration comes a week after the deadline for the 5 per cent rebate, I feel it is a rude joke on those honest citizens who paid their taxes within the stipulated time.
    This is the second consecutive year, this late declaration has happened.

  2. Paid before 30April online. No rebate! In addition had to struggle to get the receipt for payment as the receipt was neither generated nor sent to my email due to some system error or malfunction or whatever.. Had also paid online for nother who is senior citizen and he became very anxious after he didn’t get a receipt. The system offers no immediate help and there doesn’t seem to be a helpline either. Perhaps it is expected that persons paying online will still have to leave their homes to find out how or where they can theirr receipts

  3. Last two years I paid the Tax before April 30, but did not get any rebate, hence desided not to pay the tax till 30.09.2021 for FY 2021-22.
    They are fooling people. You will never get any rebate.

    • see SL no 35 the rebate is mentioend there this is if u have downloaded the file before paying the tax once paid u cant get to see this


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