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6 cases were filed against various Ganesh Mandals for violation of Noise levels

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Cases have been registered against 6 Shree Ganeshotsav mandals from Belagavi in Khadebazar, Camp and Shahapur Police Stations for violating the rules and using a sound system during the Shree Ganesha Immersion procession in Belagavi recently.

Apart from the above-mentioned three police stations, Market, Tilakwadi and APMC police have also now started to register cases against the mandals that used the sound system which violated the set norms.

Before the procession, the police had agreed for two bases and two tops to be allowed but now cases are being filed.

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This year, since there were no restrictions due to Corona, everyone from the common Ganesha devotees to the public Shree Ganeshotsav Mandal celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm and devotion.

Elected representatives had also clarified that all Ganeshotsav mandals could install two tops and two bases following the rules. At the same time, it was clarified that the matter was discussed with the ministers and police officers of the state. Therefore, most of the public Shree Ganeshotsav mandals had installed sound systems. On the day of the immersion procession, the police initially objected, but later allowed the sound system.

But now the police have started filing cases against the mandals that used such sound systems. Cases have been registered against three Shree Ganeshotsav mandals in Khadebazar police station, two in camp and one in Shahapur police station for violation of noise limit, non-observance of time limit, etc.

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  1. It’s seems that only hindu festival being targeted, on diwali no cracker, ok on Ganesh festivals no sound,
    & Also In navratri No systems sounds, holi waste of water ok and the again list goes on. And we still are ok but not from inside!
    -In that way we should stop using vehicle’s ,if not then should be ok with everything-

    【The matter is tons of liters water is used to wash the flesh, like chiken fish mutton 】… But that ways no one cares because it doesn’t matters it being to done for ourself! Human generate air pollutant throws garbages pollute lake seas .. one one sees these pollution.
    ∆ We humans are not actual human!
    ∆ We don’t deserve this planet!



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