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It might be just a number for anyone 6000 but for us at AAB it is divine guidance to work hard. We just reached 6000 fans (now likes) on Facebook. We never thought we would reach here within such a short time of 14 months.

We at AAB will endeavor to get you unknown facts or very little known facts along with the major happenings in the city.

Whenever a post is made which is in anyway related to border dispute there are a spree of comments, sometimes which are more in length than the post itself. Which actually means people want to express their selves.

Many of you also made a point asking us not to cover such news bites, but sometimes covering the event as a news bite is very essential, and hence we do it as a news.

Competition is in every field and even we will have it in some days, but with your support and the overwhelming support that you have given us and to our stories like Aadhar, IT Belgaum, Belgaum Next is commendable.

We at AAB will not make promises, but yes we will try our best to live upto your expectations.

Thanks Again Ladies & Gentlemen, our journey has been very fruitful.

Happy reading Belgaumites !!!!



  1. Dear Uday,

    Congratulations for the popularity of AAB (Not ABB). Well If you could get some famous personalities to write about Belgaum & the future path for it, may be once a week.

    One day in a month can be dedicated to the Hyde Park (London) model where in the Bloggers can express their views about anything very freely. AAB has been impartial till now & has been reporting only the exact news & happenings, keep it up.

  2. I do congatulate you Guys doing such good work ! But one thing gives me immense pain to mention that this platform is been used for some nonsense coments aboout the religion,languges and abusive remarks.

    so we would like to see some sensored coments on your blogs. if such things continues belgumites may stop following your website.

    Hope you pople do a some good work fo the growth of Belagavi( Belgaum).



  3. Congratulations AAB
    What a Co-incidence Uday! u have Crossed 6000 mark! on this day NOV 1st
    "Karantak Rajyotsava", ha. . . ha . . . just joking!!!
    One more thing this also shows net savvy-ness of Belgaumites, & your effort is such a GLARING example of Internet can b used for good causes
    Karantak Rajyotsava Shubhashayagalu to every one @ AAB & to the readers also


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