81% of the work under Belagavi Smart city is Completed

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According to the Karnataka urban development department, which is responsible for managing the project, the Belagavi Smart city has seen 81% of its work successfully finished.

Belagavi Smart city Projects
Out of the 108 projects worth ₹ 1140 crores; 88 projects worth ₹609.2 Crore have been completed while 20 projects worth ₹530.9 Crores are works in progress.

As we had posted earlier – The deadline for completing projects under the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) was extended to June 2023 for all 100 participating cities due to the delays caused by COVID-19, based on a NITI Aayog recommendation in August. In response, Belagavi Smart City Limited is working diligently to start all pending projects and finish those already in progress.


Despite this, many works under the Smart City scheme in Belagavi remain incomplete. For example, the first Smart Road, Mandoli Road, is still unfinished, although it may appear to be complete on paper. The same is true for the multi-purpose business center in Kalamandir and various works at the Vaccine Depot. The work on the Vaccine Depot is expected to be completed by June, but the business center in the Kalamandir premises will be delayed.

By June 30, 2023, the works undertaken by Belagavi Smart City Ltd will be transferred to the Belagavi City Corporation and other relevant government departments, such as the police.

In response to several questions about Smart City projects in the country, the Ministry informed the Lok Sabha on Thursday that “the period of implementation of SCM has been extended to June 2023”.

1 thought on “81% of the work under Belagavi Smart city is Completed”

  1. The amount of garbage strewn in open spaces and on roads hardly seem to suggest the city has turned smarter than say 10, 15 or even 20 years ago.
    Automobile honking and parking woes have gone from bad to worse.
    Improper transition from CC roads to older roads have made life hell for residents of most localities.
    Open drains and mosquito menace is on the rise in my Neighborhood Vinayaknagar. Street lights seldom work. All helplines pass the buck.
    The Corporation gives building permission to Multistoreyed buildings without a care about BUDA Master Plan. The Politician, Babu, Contractor nexus seems to be the only thing thriving.
    Fail to understand, by what yardstick we can claim to have gotten smarter, as a community or as a city.


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