936 trees to be chopped in Cantonment area- More than 250 already axed

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The Forest Department of Belagavi has given permission to cut as many as 936 trees of various species in the Cantonment Area of Belagavi.

Corporator and Social Worker Shankar Patil when informed about the same tried to stop the felling but was helpless as the permission for the same was already accorded.

As per the information in the permission letter –

Trees to be cut –

JLR Survey no. 50 – 71 trees

JLR Survey no. 44 – 358 Trees

JLR Survey no. 183 – 293 trees

In total 722 trees of various species

722+214 936 trees of various species allowed to be cut in Cantonment

camp trees cut

1) ‘E’ Rg to Angadi College

2) Angadi College to Ex Vinash Area Beffle Rg.

3) Savgaon Road to Engr. Trg Area

4) Family Quarter to Training area Gate

5) KLP Area S.No. 183

6) Training Area Gate Angadi College ( New BOC) &

7) Along the Nanawadi Savgaon Rd

The Auction price of all the trees is Rs.17,67,000 and for the same, a 12% Forest Development charge of Rs.2,12,040 has also been paid, the permission letter states.

camp trees cut

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WhatsApp Image 2022 06 09 at 3.47.04 PM

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