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Buffalo falls into gutter-Complaint against Contractor says BSCL MD

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On June 8, we had shared the horrid scene of a buffalo stuck in a gutter on Club road.

Incomplete work of Smart City poses danger to animals as well

On club road due to the incomplete gutter, a buffalo fell and got stuck. It took a JCB and tremendous work to safely rescue the buffalo by noon. Is anyone answerable for this apathy?

The TOI has reported that Praveen Bagewadi MD of Belagavi Smart City Limited (BSCL), said: “We have registered a complaint against the contractor at the Camp police station for his negligence.”

The contractor has been identified as Komi Chandra Shekar. Further action will be taken by the police following the complaint, he added.

buffalo stuck smart gutter

If we go to see the status of the work of the BSCL only a handful of projects like Anaganwadi, hospitals, and gardens have been completed and their major outlay was towards Gutters, drains, and roads which are lying incomplete.

Roads like KPTCL road which was the first smart road are still not technically complete and forget about the Mandoli road.

On most roads, the street lights and so-called Fancy lights on the sides have not been installed even after the provision for the same was made while paying the road around 2 years ago. Now those cables must have gone bad and it would be Shree Ganesha again.

There is no responsibility and accountability. Already we have lost lives due to incomplete work at Mandoli road. What happened to the contractor? God only knows?

2 thoughts on “Buffalo falls into gutter-Complaint against Contractor says BSCL MD”

  1. There is a solution which is ,for every citizen as a whole to come together and demand Smart city work projects to be completed.
    It’s been dragging on for too many years .

  2. Smart city M D must be held accountable for not getting the work done by his supervisory staff.
    Releasing compensation from the tax payers money has become a norm.
    M D OF SMART city tells police will take action on their complaint.At the same time he is safeguarding himself and contractor in question by not initiating action as per the terms of contract.
    Hope smart city works will and office will be closed for good.


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