A Celebration of Women’s Day by cycling

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International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate women’s cycling, from professional riders, to amateur racers, to those who ride for the sheer joy of it, we want to pay tribute to women who ride bikes!

This year Venugram Cycling Club and Digital Fitness Hub had organized special Cycling events exclusively for women so that the pillars of the society and fit on the challenges.

Cycling brings people together through a shared joy of the feeling of freedom that getting out on a bike brings and bikes have been a symbol of emancipation for women in the past, providing them with the freedom & means to travel independently.

Venugram Cycling Club – Women’s Cell Orgainised a cycling ride for women followed with a Health Awareness Program on Lifestyle Disorders and Modifications.

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Mrs. Gauree Manjrekar Founder, Pankh graced the occasion along with Dr Asawari Sant.
The Women’s cell has conceived this unique idea of creating awareness and named this Program DHOL – Diabetes (D), Hypertension (H), Obesity (O), and Lipid Increase and When there is DHOL there has to be BHANGRA – Behaviour Change(B), Happiness (H), Active Lifestyle (A), Nutrition (N), Glucose Control (G), Risk Reduction (R), Abstinence from Substance Abuse (A). Over 90 women participated in the event.

In another event, The Digital Fitness hub had organized a cycling rally along with sharing a basic workshop about cycling which included basic tips on saddle and height adjustment, basic repair techniques, the importance of Helmets etc.

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Harshad Kalghatgi who has started this fitness hub aims to spread the mantra of fitness to a million people so that all are healthy and have a good healthy lifestyle. Harshad himself is an avid cyclist and also does Yoga on the cycle who was once himself obese but now has learned his way to stay healthy and is spreading the fitness mantra through his Digital Fitness hub.

Disclaimer: The editor of this blog is a member of the VCC

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  1. Thus wrote Mahatma Gandhi: “Woman is more fitted than man to make exploration and take bolder action in nonviolence.”

  2. In a quiet town as Belagavi(Old Belgaum). nothing could be more Befitting the occasion to Celebrate Int’lnal Womens’ Day as this endurance test by the ladies of Belagavi(both young and old), the function being organised by these clubs. Hoorah !!!!! There should be many more such functions in the future….


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