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AAB turns fourteen – getting the Better of Belagavi to you

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August 7, 2021. Every year on this day, we pause to count our blessings.

It’s been a Fourteen-year journey of touching the various aspects of Belagavi, that which makes us wish to continue our endeavor of bringing to the fore, the little things that stand for “All About Belgaum”, our love for the city.

Everybody loves their hometown. There is an umbilical connection with the hometown which cannot be written down in words, AAB wishes to be one.

I started out this website as a chronicler of our combined heritage. For over the past Quattuor-decennial, it has been a process of learning, sharing, and caring that has today enabled us to become an integral part of the lives of thousands of people who share our passion for this wonderful place called Belagavi.

As we move into our 15th year of operations, we wish to thank all those who have made this journey possible, pleasurable, and worthwhile.

We believe that a community blog must be unbiased on all grounds. Sometimes not posting about a particular event or even showcasing an event can hurt sentiments. People set expectations and when you don’t live up to them, they get angry with you. Irrespective of what people have to say, I have always tried to maintain an unbiased tone, to the best of my abilities. And I must thank you for having acknowledged that.

AAB has been doing a wonderful job in a highly impartial manner as you have seen for a long. It is a supporter of no party or politician, but a platform for every person of Belagavi. It has grown into the most authentic canvas depicting various facets and issues of the city and its residents.


The journey of 14 years

AAB wishes to be the source of unity and harmony as we acquaint people with various aspects of various cultures and religions that our wonderful city is blessed with. Maybe small, but we did create an impact by giving a vent to the voice of the citizens of Belagavi. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, being heard is important.

We are just a small drop in this ocean of information where we have tried to get the Better of Belagavi to you.

We wish to continue our journey in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner. It is in making a difference that we seek to be different. Let your comments come in, the bouquets and the brickbats, for we love both. It is an indicator of your unflinching love for unbiased coverage of the pulse of the city. Together we walk, for many years to come.


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0 thoughts on “AAB turns fourteen – getting the Better of Belagavi to you”

  1. Thank you for so many years of news. I have been 48 years in U.S.A in San Francisco Bay area. I have read AOB almost daily on the internet. It is of great interest to follow Belgaum news daily. It is my daily vitamin so to speak.
    Thanks for all the efforts you put in daily. Please continue.
    By the way I always maintain the weather here is similar to that of Belgaum except that over the last 4 decades a lot of unplanned tree cutting has changed the environment. May articles from you daily news inspire the younger folks to make the corrections needed.. God Bless you

  2. ?? Congratulations Team AAB & Uday. May you continue to stride on to greater heights, & setting bench-marks in the years to come.

  3. Congratulations Team AAB. You have been doing wonderful work and more. It’s been more of a service to all who want to connect with the day to day happening in this beautiful, homely, modern with traditional values city, Belgaum! Ever since I have connected with Belgaum through AAB, the physical distance seems to be irrelevant even though I stay quite far away from Belgaum. Your unbiased coverage is highly appreciated. The topics that you choose are also relevant and interesting. Keep up the good work. God bless you. Thank you everyone in Team AAB.

  4. Congratulations! Uday & team. I should say “Happy Birthday AAB”.

    Without AAB I would never have known what happens in Belgaum. Working away from home both overseas, across continents and in India, I have followed AAB’s journey closely.through the years.

    Uday, you and your team have been simply awesome & superb with the relevant and important news, with details and whatever is of concern with Belgaum. The trivia quiz, the interviews of who’s of Belgaum, about Belgaum food and real estate, the old pics, the good authors who contribute time and again with Nostalgia, not to forget Ms. Swatee Jog, your colleague & friend Kiran and everyone who make it happen for you, and for all the Belgaumites the world over!

    Wishing Uday and entire AAB team… the best for the years ahead. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes….

    Inam Soudagar

  5. We owe you a lot for having started the “Save IXG” campaign on Twitter, which resulted in resumption of flights to Belgaum”

    Great work! Remarkable Achievement.

  6. A very happy birthday and THANKS to the entire AAB team. You guys are taking time and effort everyday for the betterment of the belgaum people and for this I thank you all sincerely


    God bless you and your families abundantly.

  7. CONGRATS !!! Editor of AAB- Uday ji and your Team on the birthday of your this website. Day after day your team has improved in reporting matters thus bringing the happenings in GOOD OLE BELAGAVI(BELGAUM) to all the Belgaumites living all over this world. Keep it Up !! Best of LUCK & Reporting………Jai Hind. Jan Mohamed Shaikh.


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