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Advocates demand removal Barricades opposite court

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The advocates are demanding the removal of the permanent barricades installed opposite the court compound.

They had a spat with police officials and the road has been closed for vehicular traffic due to this stand off which has caused a huge traffic jam at Chennamma circle and also Sangoli Rayanna Circle.

The standoff which began around 11 AM is still on even after 90 mins and the advocates are bent upon the removal of the barricades.

adv-standIt may be recalled that the PWD installed the permanent barricades as it had to reply to a court case with regards to the use of the underpass at the DC office.

4 thoughts on “Advocates demand removal Barricades opposite court”

  1. Good step taken by govt, but it should be permanently fixed… If the advocates still demand for removal of the barricades then as a contempt of govt order and waste of amount, the bar association should be penalised….


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