Citizens council demands proper traffic management if RoB at Gogte circle is closed

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The citizens Council gave a memorandum to DC Ziaullah asking him to look at how adversely the citizens would be impacted if the said 110 Years old Railway Overbridge at Gogte Circle would be demolished to make way for the new one. Satish Tendulkar, Basavraj Javali, Vikas Kalghatgi, Shevantilal Shah submitted the following –

Railway Overbridge at Belagavi exists more than 110 years in the city serving and connecting prominently South of Belagavi to North. It is the prominent joining vein of the citizens and helpful for the public at large to connect south to north of Belagavi with a minimum time span.

As per the PWD records in the year 2005 the British Govt ( PWD UK then EXIST) has sent a letter mentioning the expiry of usable period for the said bridge . Accordingly some 3 years back our District administration /PWD and the Police dept had banned the heavy vehicles from both the sides as a matter of Public safety and concern.


With the growing number of all sorts of vehicles day by day and specially the geography of Belagavi which passes NH4A exactly in between the city , it has been observed that maximum number of Heavy Good Vehicles, Heavy Pvt Tourist Buses , are making use of the said bridge even though it has been banned. Presently the said over bridge is in very pathetic condition and tilted downwards near Goodshed road which is very dangerous . It has also been observed that at many places in between joining girders cracks are prominent.

Looking to the overall condition and keeping in view of Doubling line and electrification of Railways project the South Western Railway Department has announced the Construction of New Railway Overbridge in place of the 110 years old ROB. On behalf of Citizens Council we really appreciate and congratulate the District Administration , GOk and the Dept of Railways for considering this vital project for our city. We feel that this was the want of the day keeping in view the growth of our city for next 50 years.

#Expected Effect On Traffic After Banning Railway Over bridge For Construction.

At present the Belagavi is going through the transforming phase of development . Accordingly with the residing as well as migrating population the number of vehicles have been increased drastically over a period. Now the two wheelers or the four wheelers have become the necessity instead of luxury once a time, To reach to the desired workplace vehicle is a must for everyone. Following are some of the points which will bring to your notice the present scenario of traffic of our City….

1. The existing ROB near Railway Station is the prominent joining vein of the citizens and helpful for the public at large to connect south to north of Belagavi with a minimum time span. Accordingly Old Dharwad Road ( now closed for ROB), Tanaji Galli, Kapileshwar ROB,1st , 2nd,and 3rd Railway gates are also act as a connecting ways which joins the city from south to north. Goodshed road is also used by two wheelers frequently.

2. At present the daily Train traffic which passes through the city is around 16 trains a day on an average. Accordingly the most of the Railway gates are closed during the peak hours of the day creating traffic condition to its worst and causes congestion.

3. After the closer of ROB near Railway station for construction the citizens have no other option left than to rely upon these Railway Gates to ply from one place to other in the city.

4. At present Goods Shed is located near the Railway Station which is in the heart of the city and more than 50 trucks on an average daily basis loads and unloads.

5. Even the city buses will also have to depend upon these gates for passenger transit. Currently more than 60 plus rounds of Bus frequency is available for Vadagaon, Shahapur, Tilakwadi, Angol, Yellur, Chanamma Nagar, Mache etc.

6. In the evening and morning more than 25 Pvt Luxury Buses enters Shahapur , Govaves, Angol, Tilakwadi area for collecting and dropping passengers.

7. As per the RTO records and statistics Belagavi is having more than 7500 Autos Rikshaw which are serving the citizens day and night.

8. There are more than 28 Primary and secondary Schools within the city. More than 20 collages exists in and around.

9. The south of Belagavi is totally depend on North zone as the North zone is a Commercial Hub of Belagavi.

10. More than 11 theaters are the means of entertainment for the citizens of Belagavi.

11. Belagavi is having four majore Vegetable markets and two Fish markets in north zone .

12. As per the current census total population of Belagavi is more than 7 lakhs. Out of which 30% are Senior citizens.

13. The biggest Industrial estate ie. Udyambag and Mache are located after 3rd railway Gate.

14. In-short maximum residential and commercial zones are in east zones of railway gates and industrial estates r in west Zones.

15. Upto today Belagavi don’t have any Ring Road and the NH 4 a passes exactly in between the city attracting passing traffic throughout the day.

16. Smart City Work is in progress as a result new cabling , gutters, footpaths ,underground cabling of electric wires, 24 hrs water supply pipe lines work are at the peak.

17. Maximum number of Super Specialty Hospitals and trauma Centers are located at North Zone.

Looking to the above major points it is clear that after the closer of Old ROB for construction our City of Belagavi will face a tremendous hindrances or problems making it difficult for the Citizens to move from one place to others.

Citizens Council, very sincerely wishes to ensure a steady growth of the City supported by the minimum required infra-structural facilities. We are confident that looking to the above points traffic in the city will be mess and indisciplined.

1. At present the ROB at Dharwad Road is in progress and till it gets fully operational for traffic ( another 6 months) the present ROB construction at Railway station should be postponed. We understand the fact that at present there are waterways passing the old ROB which can not be blocked or submerged. And this is the major reason unless and until old ROB is removed new can not be constructed.

2. Signals at Govaves Circle and RPD Cross

Sir, now a days with the widening of all major roads in and around Govaves and Tilakwadi areas connecting to Pune Bangalore Road all sort of Vehicles traffic is increased in Govaves Circle. This specific circle with more than 7 ( seven ) roads joining become the death trap for the innocent citizens and school going children. With huge roads and without traffic Signals and Traffic constable it is impossible to cross the said circle.

Govaves circle is the major traffic transshipment of Belagavi as it connects south of Belagavi to the North and we feel that in the best interest of citizens it is of at most necessary and important that the Electronic Signaling system should be installed immediately.

3. Technically approved Speed Breakers or Rumbles

We also request you to install technically approved speed breakers or speed rumbles at all the side roads connecting the major roads in this area. On the same pattern we also request you to install the signaling system at the RPD cross as it has been found that most indisciplined vehicles movement occurs in the said area.

Sir, we request you to kindly make a detail survey and take concrete steps to discipline the traffic.

4. Traffic Police at Major Roads of Tilakwadi.

Sir, we would like to bring to your kind notice that , it has become necessary to depute traffic Police at 1st ,2nd ,and 3rd Railway Gate, Big Bazar / Angol Cross, RPD Cross and Govaves Circle on Permanent basis with immediate effect to streamline the Traffic movement.

5. Coordination Meeting Between the Depts.

Sir we request you to hold a meeting of NHAI, Railways Dept, PWD,HESCOM,KUWS,Cantonment Board, City Corporation and the Citizens at the earliest for the remedial measures for overcoming the issue of Traffic Congestion after construction of new ROB.

6. RTE meeting at regular intervals.

Sir, you being the head of district administration ,we would like to request you to hold a RTE meeting at the earliest as for last several months it was not held for one or the other reason. We are of the opinion that many traffic problems of Belagavi will get eased with your initiation.

7. Need for Frequent Use Of Toeing Vehicles.

Sir, now a days we find the use of toeing irregular parked vehicles is rare. Kindly ask the concern to make best and maximum use of Toeing vehicle specially in the city area.

8. Rule of Odd and Even Side Parking.

9. Strict Implementation Of Rule Of One way

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  1. Sir, as per the British government alert notice, long before our government would have been taken the corrective major action towards above said issue. It is already too late & if anything goes wrong who is going to take the responsibility. Please now at least don’t put any hurdles. Let the authorities to do there duty. Safety of the general public is first.


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