AICA of MSME calls for a strike to protest price rise

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Support to Call by All India Council of Association of MSMEs by all Industrial Associations of Belagavi for: a) One-day closure of all Industries across India on Monday 20-12-2021 to protest against the inaction of Govt. regarding raw material prices hike

The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI) along with all the Industrial Associations of Belagavi are supporting the cause:

1. The Belgaum District Small Scale Industries Association, Belagavi

2. Institute of India Foundrymen – Belgaum Chapter, Belagavi

3. Belgaum Foundry Cluster, Belagavi

4. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Belgaum Chapter, Belagavi

5. North Belgaum Small Scale Industries Association, Belagavi

6. Kanbargi Industrial Area Association, Belagavi

7. Micro Industries Association, Belagavi

8. The Belgaum Manufacturers Co-Op Industrial Ltd, Belagavi

9. Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka (Belagavi Unit), Belagavi

10. The Belgaum Coal & Coke Association Ltd, Belagavi

11. Vishveshwarayya Industrial Park, Machhe, Belagavi

stand in solidarity with the MSMEs for the hardships faced due to the increase in Industrial Raw Material prices. We all together support the call by AICA (All India Council of Association of MSMEs) to protest against the inaction of the Government to curtail the unfair & damaging increase in Industrial raw material prices.

Through the one-day protesting closure of all industries across India and peaceful demonstration with the presentation of Memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner, Belagavi on Monday 20th December 2021 at 10.00 am, we will register our grievances and express our resentment against the government for taking an excruciating long time to intervene in this regard and clearly neglecting the MSMEs.

Around 60000 MSME in and around Belgaum will support the One Day Closure on 20th December 2021.

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Following are the demands called by MSMEs

1. Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for all raw materials

2. Protection against Price escalation for one Financial year.

3. Price escalation mechanism/formula to be regulated by the Government with price fixation for a period of 3 months.

4. PSUs to consider fresh quotations from MSMEs

5. Supply quota of 40% for MSMEs at a concessional rate from steel PSUs.

6. Ban on export of Iron ore, steel products and other raw materials.

7. Allow import of steel materials based on cost and quality requirements at Nil import duty.

The MSMEs are the largest employer of India, supporting 1/3rd of the population & 40% of GDP. We believe the above suggested measures will help sustain the MSMEs and protect them from extinction.

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