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God may not be favorable to you- Bishop Derek Fernandes on anti-conversion bill

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The state government would probably introduce the anti-conversion bill in the winter session of the state legislature being held at Belagavi.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has said “Religious conversions are not good for the society. Conversions would lead to problems in a family. It would trap the poor and vulnerable sections of the society who could fall for the conspiracies of some vested interests. Hence the bill,”

Speaking to India Today, Bishop Derek Fernandes, Diocese of Belagavi said “I want to warn the government to be careful, God may not be favorable to you,”.

The Bishop asked how the state government could put restrictions on his freedom to profess and propagate his religion which is enshrined in the constitution. Bill needs to define in clarity what is allurement and conversion.


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  1. Every person has the right to follow his or her ideals, we get only one life to life so lets live it freely with no obstruction. people will make us conform to their beliefs but every individual has the right to follow their own ideals as along as they do not cause physical harm to others,. there is no law made by man that can change the law of gravity in the same way there is no law that can hinder a persons following, so even if the law comes people will still follow their inner calling to be what they were destined to be.

  2. Christians are persecuted and prevented from preaching Jesus Christ from first century until now by rulers and other religious groups. But no one could stop it from spreading for the last twenty centuries. So it will be in future also. So Christians will not care any bills or threats.

  3. So he mean to say.. God Will Be Favorable after Conversion.. ? So why don’t you convert into Hindu.. God will be Favorable to you..


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