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Akshay Deshpande aims to climb Everest


Mountain climbing on its own can be quite a dangerous activity, but it gets infinitely worse when you decide to climb the highest mountain on the planet. And that’s made abundantly clear in a new international trailer for Everest.Akshay Ashok Deshpande, aged 23 aims to climb Mount Everest with a message to spread awareness about HIV/ AIDS.akshay-everest

Speaking to AAB, Akshay said “He has finished a 30-day training at the Gangotri Hills region in Uttarkashi (lower Himalayas) under the guidance of the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. He has also completed the 45-day rope climbing training at Badami under the General Thimmaiah National Adventure and Sports Academy.”


But just aiming to climb the highest peak is not an easy task both physically and financially.

The entire climb would cost about Rs.30 lakhs and he is looking for crowd funding and donations so that he can manage the funds and accomplish his mission of fluttering the Tri color atop Everest.

You can reach Akshay on +91 8867540604 or mail him at [email protected]


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