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Alipaak (Alepaak) it happens only in Belagavi


First published in 2008
“Alepaak” phonetically sounds exactly like the same word in Marathi
(Ale-paak- where ginger- Alle, is the key taste)

Alepaak (Alipaak) along with Sugarcane Juice in Belagavi
Alepaak (Alipaak) along with Sugarcane Juice in Belagavi

Alepaak, a snack made with groundnuts, puffed rice, grated coconut and a spice called ‘Pade Lavan’ which is a carminative, digestive and reduces flatulence and also accords a distinct taste to Alepaak, accompanied with sugar cane juice.
Alepaak can be got in two forms – One Groundnut base and another parched rice base. The groundnuts are cleaned and then salt, Black salt, coriander, grated coconut, green chilies, lime juice is added, and what we get is groundnut Alipaak.

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The Groundnut Aleepak at Belgaum
The Groundnut Aleepak at Belgaum

The process for the parched rice Alipaak is also the same just replace the groundnuts. It can be had separately or mixed with puffed rice and a fresh juice of sugarcane adds more flavor to it.
In other places Onion and other stuff is added; here nothing else is added. To top the preparation and to give a bit of spice a Ladoo of powdered Phutane mixed with asafoetida, chillies, ginger and black salt to give that extra spicy kick.
Belgaum is the only place where we get this. Strangely, it tastes best when had sitting down with the dish served on paper pieces!

Mind you, dont try to eat it with a spoon for the fun is in the natural way and not your Dish-Spoon way. It may be available elsewhere with some modifications. We know of two very special and nice places to get it –
First on our list is Sheetal Rasvanti Grih, on Congress Road near Corporation bank. Started in 1984 or even earlier, this place is the best place for Alepaak and fresh sugar cane juice. If you have been in Belagavi, you must at least visit once here.

Parched rice base Aleepak
Parched rice base Aleepak

The second place to get Alepaak is the moving cart of Mr.Sant. He moves in and around the city- Ganpat Galli, Ramdev Galli, Khade Bazar etc. & he visits each road on a different day of the week. His wares are stored in oldish tin boxes and he hands out his product in a paper cone or packed in it. You can also get some extra laddoos for some extra bucks. One can buy Alepaak not by weight but by volume, the vendor has an aluminium measuring cup whose volume he alone knows and decides the price on the same. Usually, one can get one small cup at Rs. 10 and in denominations thereof.
So the next time you are here and still have not tasted Alepaak do visit them once for a lifetime experience.alepak-belgaum-2

Alepaak (Alipaak) along with Sugarcane Juice in Belagavi
Alepaak (Alipaak) along with Sugarcane Juice in Belagavi



  1. There was a old man called as Sant residing at the junction of Risaldar Galli and Shaniwar Khoot; Sant used to make Excellent Alipak, every day he would start from his house in a hand cart at 4 pm pass through Shaniwar Khoot, cover all the strrets like Ganpat galli, Khade Bazar, Maruti galli, Ramdev galli and go right upto Shahapur and return back in the night. I have seen him selling right from my childhood days in 60’s to the 90’s, guess he would be selling Alipak even before 60’s. Present situation is not known. Guess the new generation of enterpruners have been carrying forward the tradition of making awesome Alipak. Missing Belgaum a lot.

  2. I know one guy stayed in my neighbourhood who made awesome aleepaak!
    Alas! He is no more now.
    I hope technology transfer has happenned.

  3. It is a special evening walk dish of Belgaum. I remember days of 1982 the year in which I became son in law of Belgaum

  4. Hi All,

    One more place where we can get this is Near Harimandir ,Angol Belgaum .
    There is a sugarcane junction next to Harimandir , Opposite Hotel Amol ..

  5. yeah i have eaten at the Sheetal Rasavnathi Grih… we call it as Alipaak adda….used to eat wen we wud bunk classes….good one…i miss it a lot now….


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