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All Parks to close by 7 PM

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Citing issues related to damage to public property and drug nuisance, the police has ordered all PARKS in the city to be closed by 7 PM daily. It’s only for security reasons that entry is been restricted to 7 PM.

It has come to light that most of the drug usage was happening in such gardens and in most cases, the lights were broken or damaged by these addicts and hence to put a stop to this menace this step has been taken.

The young kids normally used to consume drugs in parks and in such scenarios it was a threat to other children as well as they can get attracted to the same.

In many parks new light installations like the Fort lake were destroyed, this decision is a reaction to the same, sources said.

The police are keeping a separate vigil near the Engineering and Medical colleges where drug abuse is more, the police said.



1 thought on “All Parks to close by 7 PM”

  1. Does closing the parks early a solution for such social issues?
    Does parenting play any role here? Can not families, friends spend more time with this youth and engage them who are are getting in to this?
    Why can not law enforcement take control on the other side of issue of supply.

    Is it not the easy route we are taking always in India? closing down the public parks?


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