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Angadi writes to Cantonment with regards to toll collection

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angadiThe Toll collection in the name of License fees is on in the Cantonment areas and very serious objections have been raised by the public.

Suresh Angadi member of parliament Belgaum has written a letter to the CEO Cantonment board asking under what act this toll is being imposed.

We quote from the letter

“Adverting to above, its been observed that a process to collect the toll, from various Commercial vehicles, moving in the domain of the Belgaum Cantonment limits, is being undertaken by the Cantonment Board authorities , at nearly seven points of the area, since few days. This process is causing undue hindrance to the poor operator of the Goods vehicles of my Parliamentary Constituency.

In this regard may I know as to under
1) What prevailing Act this process of collecting toll is undertaken.

2)Is the similar process of collecting the Toll is in vogue in the Cantonment limits of other states in the Country being followed.

3) Members of Parliament viz: Sri Prabhakar Kore Ji.Hin MP,( Rajya Sabha), Sri Shanappa. Hon’ MP( Rajya Sabha) Ramesh katti Hon’MP (Lok Sabha) and myself represent the Belgaum District.
But the matter isn’t brought to the notice, before the imposition process of the tax. Can we not call it a dictatorship attitude of the Cantt authorities.

In this regard I call for supply of necessary information as above and, immediate stoppage of the act of collecting the toll till the matter stands resolved in the meeting of all the concerned Member of Parliament, is summoned from your end in the Public interest.”

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  1. thank god woke up now atleast. In his second term first time said something valuable to public. Hope this statement will not change eventually . Very good step any ways .

  2. Good to know at least he has looked into the matter as to what is happening in the city and also sent query to the cantonment board. Good to see him do something. Hope some good result comes soon.

  3. I feel like asking everyone, do we need a cantonment in Bgm? Bellary & Bangalore have got rid of this pre-Independence vestigal institution. Why not merge the civilian populated areas with the city corporation??? come on start a movement. get aresolution in the assembly, council & parliament. not too difficult

    I look at it differently rajeev. IF THERE IS A CITY CORPORATION, WHAT IS THE NEED FOR HAVING A BOARD? Tha army can look after its establishments, but why ” administer” the civilians????? what you can do is petition to the D C & RC. Ask for the support of the MLAs,Let them ask a question in the assembly or write to the CM. Get a resolution passed in both houses in the State. Similarly the MPs can do it in both houses of Parliament. Get it started boss, public opinion will drive it to its logical end.

    not aggressive, but intellegent, logical & procedurally correct. Lobbying as they say.

    ‎1) a memorandum; 2) signature campaign – public; 3) letters to PM from MLAs, MPs, Ministers, CM ; 4) media campaign; 5) Questions in assembly & parliament; 6) Lobby at delhi using your “good offices” & contacts……

    PIL will not work. Memorandum to DC, RC, CM. Let all 3 MLAs or more have a calling attention motion under Rule 73 in the assembly. Issue of immediate importance. It gets highlighted immediately

    The national media should pick up the story.

  4. Its truly dictatorship attitude of the Cantt authorities.Thanks to Mr Suresh Angadi really he has understand pain of his Parliamentary Constituency people. Once again I salute to Our Honorable M P Mr Suresh Angadi.

  5. Wow. Mr. Angadi is doing something worth while at last. He has been one of the most passive in the Lok Sabha. All I thought he was doing was roaming around with our former CM.

  6. I think its time we get rid of the CB. I have a better Idea tax the same CB people who travel to the city for all thier needs. Cool eh…hahaha

  7. Does the Corporation maintain these roads? Look at the people’s mind set. They are charging toll to maintain the roads in better condition and we have objections. The corporation takes all taxes but is incapable to provide good services and our politicians are deaf and dumb. The lovely water recharge pond of Belgaum opposite Military Mahadev has become concrete jungle on the public land with lack of foresight from the public’c side too. The water reservior is reducing, corporation is incapable to provide sufficient 24/7 drinking water to the city. These politiacians are in no way interested in doing any good to the public, except for their personal interests in activating public and useing them for their personal benefits. Why did’nt they activate when 2.5 acres of public land was sold out. Now the cantonment is challenged to get comfort to acess his own institution.
    Public should wake up and think in their own betterment in the long run. Get more aware and demand for the right things in our interest and not get carried away by these politicians.

  8. Finally Mr Angadi has woken up good news, He will soon fortget it as usual, like Belgaum Dharwad rail line , Belgaum ring road, Belgaum international cricket stadium and Belgaum international exhibition centre , meterd rickshas…..I pity We wuldnt have an MP who is not aggressive in demands for the place he belong. Sorry Belgaumites dont be in hihg hopes!!!!!

  9. the HOn’ble MP and MLA happen to be special invitees to all the cantt board’s meetings. why didn’t they raise their voice when the resolution to collect the vehicle entry fee was passed?

    Cantt Board is doing better than the municipal corporation in all civic amenities and it is collecting the vehicle entry fees legally as per provisions in the cantt act approved by the parliament. why is everyone talking as though cantt board has violated some law in imposing the fees? many cantonments in the country impose the vehicle entry fee and nowhere is so much of ruckus being created.

    with this additional revenue, the board will provide even better facilities to their citizens. why dont we urge the corporation fellows also to provide us the same living conditions in city areas also as is being provided in cantt?

    • If CANTT is doing so good, why did the allow people to encroch raod between Sanchayani and the Fish Market patch , which still remain narrow , should have ben four lane with pavement as other roads of cantonments are….it was state govt who spent for this road though being in cantonment limits…its not why do they collect extra bucks , are they spending where is is needed as well….Ask these cantonment sleaths about this first…

      • check your facts. that road was earlier NH. subsequently de classified. it is not with cantt bd. if handed over to cantt board, iam sure they’ll make it a model road like all other roads in cantt.

        but what has this got to do with vehicle entry fee? that is what all of us are doing. just hyperbole and no real sense.

    • 5) Personally, I feel the Belgaum City is much better than to what it was ten years before. We now have better roads to walk or motor, better street lightening than the roads/lightening existent in the Cantonment Limits. Cantonment should now strive hard and should not sustain merely on silly notes of collecting taxes. Besides, how much it is to yield. Let it approach the Member of Parliament, Belgaum, for Special Central Grants. To cap it, the Cantonment is using the facilities provided by the Corporation, alike dumping the garbage of it or discharging its effluents in the Corporation area, paying meager or no tax. Is it not highly unfair.

  10. Mr.Suresh Angadi has always been a worker. As regards Railway Projects I have read he to have submitted various proposals to the Railway Ministry. Of them Belgaum-Kittur-Dharwar new track has been sanctioned and due to procedural hassles of the Dept may have been delayed. He has struggled for the establishment of Suvarna Soudha near Halaga( Belgaum),independent University status to the existing Rani Chennamma University, sanction of new Kendriya Vidyalaya No:3 to the Belgaum City, excavation and cleaning of Ballary Nala, besides proposing taking up of many road development works in the City with reference to the Special grants of Rs: 100 crores sanctioned by the State Govt. Let us be optimistic about Mr Angadi, he will take-up other pending works in the near future-CHETAN KULKARNI


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