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Annotsav the festival begins

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The much-awaited Rotary Annatsov has started at CpEd Ground and like the many years before this, the event is already turning out to be a crowd puller with no parallels. If there is one place where the foodies of this world can converge and satisfy their taste buds to their fullest delight, it is the annatsov.

Like every year the stalls are an amazing and delectable mix of cuisine from across the length and breadth of the country with delightfully magical mouth watering dishes. Walk around the stalls and you cannot but resist to put your hands on the irresistible bites.

Several stalls are stealing the show this year, you can start at the Shafiq Bhais Lahori stall to begin with and is you have a taste for non veg this is the place to be for the next ten days. The stall has several yummy dishes to offer. The mutton nihari is a show stopper, the taste reminds you of the restaurants at the gates of Jama Masjid, finely chopped succulent pieces of lamb, cooked in just the right spices with an extra allowance of ghee and an hint of the best spices, cooked over the flame for three full hours gives the end result, the special Nihari. The Nihari tastes best with the Rumali Roti made fresh at the stall, the making of which in itself is something to watch. As the chef turns his roti in the air and gives it a spread you can only hold your mouth open in awe.

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Also up for the palates at the Lahori are the Kebabs, there are many on offer, the mouth watering spicy hot chicken tikka kebab for those who prefer it tingling hot and the chicken malai kabab for those who don’t trouble their palates that much. But the show stopper is the mutton sheek kabab, finely ground mutton, with the most choicest spices hand put on the skewers with the most delicate technique to form cylindrical tubes and grilled over coal, matured slowly giving it a smoky flavor is just perfect for your palates.

annotsav3The stall also has the Biryanis and the Koftas and you get the same feel as that of being at the Karims in Delhi or the Tunday kabab in Lucknow. This is a must visit stall for all.


annotsav5Another stall which is doing the rounds is the Zayaka Punjabi Rasoi, its actually a two in one stall which has the best of Haryana and Punjab. The stall is offering the most amazing Makke di Roti and Sarson da Saag but that’s not the only thing there you can relish.

annotsav4Go to the left flank and you see Taau Baljit Singh the master chef himself making the most fascinating Jalebis of the season. The jalebis are prefect to beat the winter chill and one is enough to fill your tummy. Fried in Desi Ghee it would seem a little heavy, but what the heck, for sweet tooths like us this is perfect. Its a delight to see Taau make them, he is no ordinary chef and had been invited to several countries and special occasions in the highest places. Having it piping hot makes it more desirable in the Belagavi chill.

annotsav6Another must eat at the Punjab Rasoi is the Amritsari Kulcha. The kulcha is made with vegetable filling and baked to perfection with a hint of sesame seeds and brought to taste in a tandoor at just the right temperature. You just can’t get over the texture of the kulcha if not the taste, the kulcha can be crumpled into your hands and yet retains its shape, this is amazing. Put in a little chole, a mango pickle and some finely cut onions and you have the perfect punjabi dinner.

Eaten freshly from the tandoor with a spread of butter, you just can’t stop at eating one. A number of other accompaniments are at offer and this stall is worth more than just one visit.

For foodies, it’s going to be a fabulous fortnight and you have to say Rotary has brought delight to the food lovers of Belagavi yet again.

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  1. Not for common man. They Display posters showing ample free parking and do not alow cars to park in parking area. The made us park on road.second they nevet mentioned about entry fees. They take 30 rs per person entry fees including gst. Third the products inside were outdated and not worth price. The food was tooooooo costly and tasteless……this annotsav is good for rich people not for common people… think before u go here..


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