Tiger Safari at Rani Chennamma mini Zoo soon

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Satish Jarkhiholi minister of Forests and Ecology after laying the foundation stone for the construction of the compound wall of the Rani Chennamma mini Zoo at Bhutramanhatti said that there will be a TIGER safari along with a full-fledged zoo here.

A tiger Safari has been planned on the forest land about 500 acres near Bhutramanhatti. Space already has a mini zoo with various animals and birds but now the Forest department plans to make it as a tourist attraction by introducing a tiger safari.

Rani Chennamma mini ZooThe plan of Tiger Safari was planned way back in 1989 by the then forest officer Chandrashekar.

The Zoo will be developed in a phase wise manner and about 50 crore will be spent on the same.

18 different enclosures will be made for different species of wildlife. 20 hectares will be reserved for Tigers.

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  1. A queen’s name too a zoo???? Not fair.

    University, college, museum, airport, city etc can be named after our national heroes. But zoooooo….


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