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How to apply for Passport at POPSK Belagavi ?

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With the opening of the post office passport seva kendra at the Head Post office, Station road Camp Belagavi it will be easy to submit all your original documents and get your passport done here.

Here are the steps to get your passport done –

  • Step 1 – Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal. (Click on “Register Now” link on the Home Page).
  • Step 2 – Login to the Passport Seva Online Portal with the registered Login Id.
  • Step 3 – Click “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport” link.
  • Step 4 – Fill in the required details in the form and submit.
  • Step 5 – Click the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” link on the “View Saved/Submitted Applications” screen to schedule an appointment.
  • Online Payment has been made mandatory for booking appointments at all Passport Seva Kendras/Passport Offices. First select Passport Office as Bengaluru and then select – Belagavi POPSK
  • Step 6 – Click the “Print Application Receipt” link to print the application receipt containing Application Reference Number (ARN)/Appointment Number.
  • Step 7 – Visit the POPSK Belagavi where appointment has been booked, along with original documents.

Remember the entire process is online and anyone one who is a bit computer savy can do it all by himself. One will need to upload all the documents like Aadhar card, birth certificate, PAN card and other documents as per the list on the website, hence please take a photo of each of the documents and save them so it becomes easy to upload all of them at once.

Again while going for the appointment be sure you take all the documents you may have other than the uploaded ones, such Savings bank pass book or latest statement with bankers seal and sign.
The also has pro forma Annexures/Affidavits that one might need

Applying for a New passport or renewal the process is the same, the only difference being, in case of renewal you have to mention your old passport number and also a copy of it, otherwise the process for new and reissue is the same.

At the POPSK : Be on time; if you go late your appointment can be cancelled and you will have to take a fresh appointment again.

Report to the POSK Belagavi ahead of time. Carry the ARN receipt and all required documents.

  • Your documents will be screened.
  • You will be called into the PSK in batches and will have to pass through security check.
  • Once inside, if all is in order, you will be issued a token number. You will have to wait in the waiting area where token numbers are displayed. Applicants are called in sequential order based on the token number.
  • Once your number is displayed, proceed inside.
  • Inside the passport center (POSK) you will find different color coded counters
    • Counter A – Citizen Service Executive (CSE) / TCS personnel carries out document verification, fee collection and photographing applicants
    • Counter B – Verification Officer (VO) / Government personnel carries out document verification
    • Counter C – Granting Officer (GO) / Assistant Passport Officer carries out document verification and decides on issuance.

Exit Counter – Acknowledgement Letter
Acknowledgement letter of passport application at PSK

This is given to you at the exit counter. Ensure this letter is kept safely as it will contain details which you can use to track your application status.

It will indicate whether your passport application has been approved or not.

It will indicate the mode for police verification viz. pre / post / no PV.

You will get an SMS as soon as the Passport is ready or has been processed.

Passports are dispatched via India Post through Speed Post which you can track on the India Post website. It is sent to the applicant’s current address. You, as an applicant, should preferably be the one receiving the passport from the postman.

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  1. I want to apply for a fresh passport but I don’t have my birth certificate with me, I have adhar card, driving license and nationalised bank passbook with me can I provide this original documents to avail my passport.

    • does aadhar card have date if birth mentioned or pan card which can have date of birth mentioned u go to the site and see the FAQs

  2. I have to renew my passport, which has expired in 2001. It contains a Saudi Visa where I have worked, and it also contains the US H1B visa, as well as a UK visitors visa (all visas are expired now). It was issued in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    My question is, when I apply for a new/renewed visa from Belgaum, Karnataka, will I get back my original old expired passport along with the new/renewed passport?

    While on the topic:
    I also have a US SSN (Social Security Number, which never expires) based on the old passport’s H1B Visa details, so do I have to carry the old passport at all times if I will be visiting the US, even if I’m not working there at this time? The answer is very important to me… and I guess there are some citizen in Belgaum who would have a similar experience: old passport from another state, has old/expired H1B visa, and are returning to USA to their children’s home there… has the never-expiring US SSN helped them in the US in opening a bank account there, for example? Do you know of any such examples?

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    God Bless!
    Warm regards,
    SR Bhangle

    • an expired passport makes no sense. U have to apply for a new one now.
      If you are staying in Belagavi and have an aadhar card with address of here u can apply at the POPSK

      • Dear Editor,
        Warm greetings!

        I forgot to mention earlier that I am a Belagavi citizen/resident for 20+ years now, and have Aadhaar card mentioning my Belagavi home address, I/we own a home here, also have Belaqavi savings bank accounts, and have a voter’s card validating my Belagavi residentship.

        Thank you!

    • You have to carry the old passport until your Visa on that passport is valid till date.! Better to archive it and don’t dispose it off.

      • Of course, all the work-related visas are expired now. Even the UK tourist visa was got from US where I was working and had a company/business related short tour of UK where I did the Europe division survey for my US company in that short time.

        So all those visas helped me achieve a lot.The old passport is therefore extremely important to me. No question I will lose it. I always keep it on my present work desk at home, from where it motivates me to do better all the time! I shall always preserve it.

        Point is: the old passport and all the work visas have expired almost 15+ years ago, but the US SSN is still valid, and shall remain so until I am alive. So the old passport is still connected as I got the SSN in US while working there based on the H1B visa stamped on it.

  3. My wife has to get her passport renewal. We are from Bellary but I work here and my wife is a home maker. Can I apply for renewal of her passport from POSK Belagavi? I have rental agreement that I stay here in Belagavi and I do have my empoyment certificate from Belagavi. But she has her all documents address from Bellary. I want to apply here in POSK Belagavi as it is very close to me. Your suggestion/advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.

  4. if appointment for particular date is fixed 50 on that particular day only those 50 applicant’s documents verification & other formalities will be done for those 50 only or it will as per people present on the day. Means other than 50 appointment received people may come on that day?. please clarify?

  5. Have applied for reissue of passport, document submission at POPSK is done and the status of the application in MSEVA App and as well in website is showing application is granted and police verification report is submitted and I would receive an SMS/email once the passport is dispatched. But I received an SMS saying contact your respective Police station for verification as well.

    My question here is whether I need to goto PS for verification or need to wait to get my passport dispatch as per status on website

  6. I have applied for re-issue passport on last week at Belgaum passport camp and when I track the status it is showing only “application submitted in camp” from that day itself. How many days to take for next movement??

        • If you have need urgent passport within a month and don’t apply in Belgaum POPSK. I applied last month for reissue of passport and still showing application submitted along with fees and documents. When I called to passport office Bangalore they said still in process from 3 weeks.

          • Hey Sachin, did you get your passport yet? I did the same mistake, and mine is at same status since 12 days. Could you tell me how many days it took to get the passport. Is there a way to get it early?

  7. How do i select POSK Belagavi ….CAn i select it before payment?? or else it automatically take according to permanent address??

  8. While applying for new passport there is a column for spouse name, My wife have Adhaar card with her maiden name only (pre marriage name) and still we have not applied for Adhaar correction means after marriage husband name, surname not updated in her Adhaar card.. She have Adhaar with his father name, surname mentioned only. Now which details I have to capture in spouse name column.. We don’t have marriage certificate also

    • u have to have a marriage certificate, she can also get a passport in her maiden name plz see the FAQ’s on

    • dear
      as per new procedure , to add spouce name, its not require any documentation like marriage certificate or wedding card, u can just give a self declaration on plane paper (even it is not require notrised only on plane paper is enough).

  9. Hello,
    I am applying online for my father’s passport. How do you put the photo and finger prints on the form ? Or do you carry to POPSK and they will put it during interview?? I Appreciate your response, thanks

  10. I don’t have master card or visa card of sbi bank and I want to pay my passport fees online through debit card.Can I use my rupay card of union bank for payment of passport feed

  11. Hi sir,

    For child passport (one year), there is both parents original passport with need. But my wife passport issued before marriage so that one her home address. Is there any problem for child passport. Please let me know.


  12. Dear Editor,
    There are no appointments available currently for Belagavi POPSK. Do you know when will they start accepting new appointments? Else can you share the contact details of the POPSK so that we can contact them directly?

  13. Dear Editor,

    Is the POPSK still not functioning?? The dates show as not available on the website. Is it ok if we go and visit the popsk office and check for the appointment? Are we entertained there without an appointment?

  14. This is well written article. Really appreciate it.
    I am looking to prepare passport for my mother. She may not confident enough to carry out all activities inside POSK office. Can I accompany her inside office?
    Is there such paid/free service available?

  15. Hi,

    I have applied for PCC and trying to get an appointment at POPSK Belagavi, but it says “Not Available”

    Is the POPSK Belagavi closed?

  16. Hello, Yesterday i Had an Appointment in POSK, today i got the mail saying that ” you have initiated for police verification ” my question is that how many days does it take for a police verification? Is that work on saturdays and sundays..what if i wont be available on that particular police verification day, will i be getting any other day?

  17. Hello Editor,

    As am applying for my passport and trying to get an appointment at POPSK Belagavi, but it says “Not Available”.

    Is it not functioning ?

    Thanks in advance for the response.


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