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Few areas still tensed but situation under control

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After last night’s rioting in Chavat Galli, Khadak Galli, Topi Galli and adjoining areas the areas are still tensed and closed by police as a precautionary measure.khade-bazar

There was an attempt by some miscreants top pelt stones in Khade bazar as well but was foiled by the alert citizens and police acted swiftly.

The prohibitory orders issued for the 5 streets has now been extended to the Khade Bazar Police limits. The situation is under control but rumors doing rounds are creating more nuisance and police has asked the citizens to be on vigil and do not forward messages or images which may not be true.

Most of the shops from Khade Bazar towards central bus stand remained half open and a few closed sighting the tension.

In the stone pelting and rioting 6 motorbikes were set on fire and more than 20 vehicles were damaged on Wednesday night in Khadak Galli. The exact cause is however not known but police sources believe that the incident is related to the beating up of youth of a particular community in Kelkar bagh earlier in the day.

3 thoughts on “Few areas still tensed but situation under control”

  1. Where is your dignity? Who are you trying to please with such misguided childish behaviour you are exhibiting?People of Belgaum, please let us grow up. Let us realize that we are a people and we need each other. Diverse as we are,. if we could learn to be mature in solving our problems we surely shall be better. This errant behaviour of fighting in the public space is shame. Pitty on belgaum.

  2. Belgaum is a beautiful city full of life its diverse cultures cosmopolitan outlook its diverse food habits customs yet a mix of all that is best l am born belgaumlite and very happy and proud of my people and city we all are living here for last 500years and will live together for time immorial so let us live like brothers I am proud indian a muslim and love our diverse cultures I am convent educated love to eat south indian breakfast bakri and vegetables in lunch and biryani for dinner so we belgaumlites love the best of all so let present a peacefull and progressive belgaum and stand for all citizens


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