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Army getting ready for legal battle with GoK

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The New Indian Express has made a story, in which it states that the Army is getting its artillery in place for a full fledged legal battle against Government of Karnataka after it quashed the land allotment as firing range recently.

We quote from the Express- Army sources told Express on Tuesday that the government’s decision to withdraw the land that houses the Bagdad Asmara Field Firing Range was ‘unilateral’ and not in the ‘interest of the nation.’

Our firing ranges have come down drastically all over India and we can’t let the training sessions suffer. Belgaum unit and the JLW are on the international map, with foreign troops regularly coming to undertake joint training sessions with the Indian Army. The MoD could have acted faster and grasped the seriousness of the issue,” sources said.

Army is of the opinion that state government came under pressure from Belgaum MP Suresh Angadi, who has wanting the firing range to be shifted out.

The battle is yet to begin we guess.

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