BJP manifesto Belagavi Rural Constituency

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The BJP has crowd-sourced the manifestos, getting data separately from each of the 224 assembly constituencies of Karnataka. Each of the 224 assembly constituencies have their own manifesto.

  • The Bharatiya Janata Party is committed to ensure the all-round development of Belagavi Rural Assembly Constituency. We assure you that we will work with integrity and sincerity to fulfil the long held dreams and aspirations of the people of Belagavi. In this endeavour, we promise to do the following:
  • Connect rural areas with proper transport and road facilities
  • Provide water for irrigation purposes from surrounding dams
  • Ensure regular supply of electricity
  • Implement schemes to promote the economic and social development of the handloom weavers.
  • Set up mechanisms to ensure that the weavers receive fair price for their products
  • Improve quality of healthcare services in Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres and ensure regular supply of medicine, free of cost
  • Encourage Organic Farming to increase sustainability and provide more rural employment opportunities to the farmers
  • Integrated Development of all the tanks in the area on the lines of Jala Samvardhane Yojane
  • Revive the canals of Malaprabha and Ghataprabha River by undertaking periodic de-silting of the canals
  • Construct small dams in the area to facilitate rain water harvesting
  • Adapt social forestry to maintain and protect trees and to carry out afforestation programs
  • Provide basic infrastructure and address the sanitation problems in the region
  • Evaluate the option of using renewable energy sources for the area
  • Construct affordable in situ housing for slum residents under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
  • Upgrade the Government Schools and Colleges with digital technologies to make them more adaptive to the new digital era
  • Fill up vacancies in Government Schools in accordance with the Karnataka State Civil Services (Regulation of Transfer of Teachers) Act, 2007
  • Efficient implementation of the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme, Mudra Yojana and the ASPIRE Program to promote rural entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Provide basic infrastructure and address the sanitation problems in the area Conduct a survey to assess the resource potential, quantification of output, existing units and their functioning and the present resource utilisation patterns of the region to set up a suitable labour intensive industry

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