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MCC violation case slapped for putting We are Marathis on saffron flag

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A case of violation of model code of conduct has been slapped against Sarita Patil of RamlingKhind Galli for putting up Saffron Flags with the words “We are Marathis” on the occasion of the Gudi Padwa.

A case has been registered under 188,171(c) IPC and 3,4,5 of Karnataka Open places act. Sarita Patil has been charged for putting the Flags near Ramling khind Galli and in another case registered at the Market police station for areas Pangul Galli, Bhatkande Galli, Khadak Galli, Tahsshildar Galli , where no person has been booked but a case has been registered for the same reason.

2 thoughts on “MCC violation case slapped for putting We are Marathis on saffron flag”

  1. How can it be violation of any code to identify oneself with as Marathi or Kannada or for that matter any language or sect ?

  2. ‘Part III – Fundamental Rights’ is a charter of rights contained in the Constitution of India. It guarantees civil liberties such that all Indians can lead their lives in peace and harmony as citizens of India. These include individual rights common to most liberal democracies, such as equality before law, freedom of speech and expression, and peaceful assembly, freedom to practice religion, and the right to constitutional remedies for the protection of civil rights by means of writs such as habeas corpus. Violation of these rights result in punishments as prescribed in the Indian Penal Code, subject to discretion of the judiciary. The Fundamental Rights are defined as basic human freedoms which every Indian citizen has the right to enjoy for a proper and harmonious development of personality. These rights universally apply to all citizens, irrespective of race, place of birth, religion, caste, creed, colour or gender. Aliens (persons who are not citizens)are also considered in matters like equality before law.


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