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Belgaum BJP MLAs performance in Assembly

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abhay patil - belgaum southAccording to the Karnataka Election Watch (KEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) report Abhay Patil of the BJP, MLA Belgaum South attended for 106 days out of the Total 164 days of from 2008-2013.

He also asked 23 questions in the same period.

sanjaypatilSanjay Patil of the BJP MLA Belgaum Rural attended for 114 days out of the Total 164 days of from 2008-2013. He did not ask any questions. 

14 thoughts on “Belgaum BJP MLAs performance in Assembly”

    • What is wrong in this the heading is performance report as per the ADR report in the assembly. If u have issues with the report please contact ADR

  1. this cannot be performance report,this is attendance report.performance to see is come to Belgaum South Constituency and rank the MLA’s of Belgaum Dist. MLA Abay Patil will stand on top for his Development work and he is the one who as face-lifted the Belgaum South Constituency

  2. Dear Editor,

    As i go through this article i fail to understand what exactly is this article for?

    It doesn’t make any sense knowing their attendance in Assembly, as it would not gauge any performance of a particular candidate nor its important.

    It would have been Better if provided by the Questions and Issues raised by them in Assembly and what is the current status of the same.

    Mr Sanjay Patil, If you dint ask any question in assembly, Then i take it as you are 100 % satisfied with the Belgaum development or you are unaware of Issues facing by Belgaum in terms of Development and Issues Facing by Belgaumities.

    Prashant Maruti Belgaonkar

    • The subject heading is performance in Assembly which is both attendance and asking questions. this report was prepared by ADR and they have done this for all MLAs for which they could gather data.

  3. I think for performance of MLA, a comparison should be made with the current development & as that mentioned in their election Manifesto, with that we can get a fair idea.


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