Auto drivers continue their arrogance

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The Belgaum auto drivers are now thinking as if they are the kings of the road and there is no one to monitor them.

Read the experience Rahul Walvekar shared on the Belgaum mein ka auto meter dow karo group.

Between 6.15 pm to 7.30 pm this happened.
Had to go from Maruti Galli to Railway Station. Stopped an auto in Maruti Galli and asked how much fare to Railway Station, he said 40 I asked for 30 he said no. So I left him and stopped another auto and he said he will come for 30. So we took the auto.
While coming back from Railway Station to Maruti Galli auto fellow said 50 first the 40 later, when I sad Rs. 30 he did not agree. Then he said go to prepaid booth and get token, there all lights on in the booth but no person inside. Again asked why no meter he said meter is there but Minimum is 35. I told him that is not the min fixed by RTO. He said this is the new rate. I told I can complain to DC .
He said “COMPLAINT KARNA HAI TO KARO, DC KO KOI KAM DHANDA NAI HAI, IS LEYE YE KAR RAHA HAI” Later he and others gathered there argued more. So I left him and went outside railway station.

There to some said 50, 40. At last got one for 30 and came back home.”

These folks are now challenging the DC in the open and what is being done to implement this.

Where are we heading ?

4 thoughts on “Auto drivers continue their arrogance”

  1. The Simple logic of Auto Drivers ” TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION “and the Second Logic is ” DEMAND & SUPPLY “.The only Solution to this is increase the number of Autorickshaws on the road to a very great extent and introduce Cycle Rickshaws in good Numbers & the people stick to their point, making the Supply more than demand.In my opinion only this is the solution.The introduction of Cycle rickshaw on roads will have a high impact on Auto rickshaw wallas.:-)

  2. All,
    I will tell you one simple logic.. Never ask an auto guy, how much will charge for the place you want to reach. It indirectly indicate Auto driver that, this guy dont want to come on meter…. I have experienced this in Bangalore several times. Just get into auto and ask them to put meter.

  3. I agree with S M Naik one way is to tackle the situation is increase the auto rikshaw as many as possible and it would be very good to introduce cycle rickshaw.


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