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Auto Drivers now even threaten women commuters with regards to fare

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autopetetionThe Auto drivers menace is going from BAD to WORST. See at this post made on the Belgaum mein auto ka meter down karo by Sahana. 

She says she had her worst experience in her life with an Auto wala.

She says, “I got down from a bus near RPD corner, had luggage so could not go on bike with my dad, so asked autowala passing by, from RPD to Mangalwarpeth, he said Rs.40.
I then said ok boss we dont need an auto you can go, he was extremely arrogant and asked me if not 40 what you expect us to charge Rs.1 ?”
This statement made by the auto driver irked Sahana and she said “distance is less, so minimum is what we expect you to charge, not something that comes to your mouth. “ the auto driver 40 is minimum charge. She was so irritated that in this time she did not even realize to take down the auto number. 

When asked about meter or rate card, he said METER??? hahaha… THIS is Belgaum, we dont have and will never have a meter.
She further said meter toh lagana padega aaj nahi toh kal, he started raising his voice, people around asked him to go quietly and he left from there, and while going he said ”bagto tula”, as if he was some don.
Speaking to AAB, a disturbed Sahana said “I thought Belgaum was a better place to live with good people around, if the auto drivers would speak in such a manner to women what will they do if say my husband argues with them. Very sad to state this but the authorities seem hopeless and if they are testing the patience of the common man, be ware.”

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