Auto fare by meter is a farce?

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Each Belgaumite was happy within himself saying from now on he too will be saved from the LOOT of the Auto drivers. But nothing. With fines being collected each day for the permit and meter being present or no but is the Police checking whether the driver is really using the meter or no?

Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi
Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi

AAB did a reality check and things are no different as they were for so many years.
The share on the Belgaum mein Auto ka meter down karo,
“Yesterday, around 6:30pm,
Got the groceries from Nargunkar Bhave Chowk and had to take the auto to Kanbargi, I thought better to take the auto from the stand., the none of the auto driver was ready to go on meter, then i said how much will you take one said Rs. 150, then i said will give Rs 100/- he said no if you want give 150 or try from other auto.,
As the stock was more for the party, i said ok with 150, then while going, the auto driver said there is checking going on if they stop tell him that you are paying on meter, i thought i’ll complain at that time but there was no checking at that area, then i said is the meter working ?? He said yes its working. Then in conversation he every week the feul prices change goes up and very rarely it comes down, how will you manage the profit, even we have our family, even we plan our kids to go to good school and do well for their future. I told then why you charge more why you loot the passenger to do the good ? Is that true i said ? He said i’ll do so that my kids should never become an autowala or a driver in his future.
With his emotional pin on me i paid him150/- at the destination. The corruption was not there i would have told you to pay by meter and pay as with your convenient told the driver.”

Commuters must try and complain to the nearest police station or constable. 

Again the Police authorities were applauded for their checks and fines being collected but they are not doing what needs to be done, make the passenger sit in the auto and ask DOWN the meter as it is done in Bengaluru.
The police hasnt declared a special helpline number on which complaints related to autos can be told.

3 thoughts on “Auto fare by meter is a farce?”

  1. agree. every indivusual have right leave happy. i belive govt must have fixed the price as per city standard. like in bangalore 13/KM its far better price than cabs. still we see lot of haresmement from autowala.i belive its same in bgm. have them charge reasonable they would end up earning more than what they expect

  2. Setup a prepaid auto booths near Central bus stand, railway station and some main points like bogares, ramdev, tilkwadi I gates etc.


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