Maxi cabs owners protest in large numbers

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The maxi cab owners and Tum tum owners protested today against the order of the city police that they wont be allowed to take passengers within city limits and also there will no Drop point for them within city limits.

Maxi cab owners ta Sardars ground Belagavi
Maxi cab owners ta Sardars ground Belagavi

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According to law these maxi cabs have a fixed route in the rural areas which commences 15 kms after the city limits.
With the implementation of the Auto meter(on paper) the auto drivers had demanded that these maxi cabs should not be allowed to pick up passengers in the city limits as per law.
Sighting the same reasons they have been banned entry into city limits.

All the maxi cab owners had gathered at the Sardar’s ground and protested against this order which according to them will take away their livelihood and also cause great inconvenience to the thousands of commuters from the rural areas to the city.

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  1. I have experienced the ordeal of these maxi cab conductor’s rude behavior and the way they push passengers like sheep in the cab

  2. Very pleased to see parking in order at sardar grounds by Maxi cab owners,Same discipline should be shown on Road and in their behaviour. So far as Autowallas are concerned they definitely should get a fare deal in auto fares but law must be implemented in full strength.


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